Suikoden Released on the PSN

Merry early Christmas, everyone! Today, Konami has announced that the PlayStation One RPG, Suikoden, is available on the PlayStation Network for hte price of $5.99.


I realize I mistyped "the" in the description. Can't go back and fix it now, though.

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ahnonamis3589d ago

It's not as awesome as Suikoden II, but I know what I'm going to be playing this weekend.

samura3589d ago

Suikoden 2 has to be released.

Peter Griffin3589d ago

All we need is LOK: Soul Reaver and ill officially sign my life over to Sony

S.O.N.Y: Sony Owns Next Year

HighDefinition3589d ago


Just joking......this is great.

callahan093589d ago

Seriously. I still have my PSone disc for this game. I want them to release Suikoden 2, I never got to play that one.

ExcelKnight3589d ago

This is massive news. While yes, I'd love for Suikoden 2 to be released on PSN, I'm mostly looking forward to it because it'll drastically lower the price of the discs on eBay. Gotta have me the whole set, and I'm only missing 2 and the Japan-only releases (Gaiden Vol. 1 & 2, Card Stories).

Dread3589d ago

this is awesome news.

PSN is bringing it.. Finally!

Lifendz3589d ago

I sold my PS1 disc like 6 months back for 40 bucks on Ebay. Now I can buy it back for 5.99. But we all know it's game over when Square allows Sony to release FFVII. Honestly, I'd like FFIII (the U.S. FFIII) to be released on PSN. That one was probably my all time fav.

DaTruth3589d ago

I want Tenchu 1 and Tomb Raider 2. I don't care about playing them on the PS3, I want to have them on the PSP, but both is awesome. Tenchu 1 got me back into gaming.

jadenkorri3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

i spent 20 dollars for a preused copy....smacks head, damn you GS/EB...

FYI i have suikoden 2 on ps1

JoySticksFTW3589d ago

INSANE!! I still even have the soundtrack for this game.

Gremio, Victor, & Flik.... Awww yeah!

INehalemEXI3589d ago

Nice, keep these classics coming !

Highatus3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Peter I agree

I love the LOK series immensely.

And yes to the others release Suikoden 2 please too.

My PSP is going to love me again now with this one tho.

@ Lifendz

All gloating aside I have FF3 for my Snes still :) among others. :D

Homicide3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Awesome news! I'll get it once I finish Persona 4 on my second run.

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samura3589d ago

Please let there be a Suikoden 2 release.

Suikoden 2, is one of the best RPGs ever, in my opinion, it also has the greatest story to an RPG.

The later sequels failed to carry the awesomeness of the first two entries in the series.

Radiodread3589d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.