Movie Studios fighting over Halo Movie Costs

From : -- "There's nothing better than two movie studios fighting. Particularly when they do it in private. Remember Halo? That video game movie hyped to within an inch of its life by Microsoft and CAA, complete with an armored battalion of messengers carrying the scripts to the studios? That was supposed to be co-financed by Fox and Universal? That got dumped last October? Well, Universal and Fox are now battling over Halo's roughly $12 million in pre-production costs."

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DJ4901d ago

Just make the damn thing! Screw cost.

Rasputin20114901d ago

Im really tired of all the smoke & mirrors behind the Halo movie like millions of people are hyped for this and just atleast get the ball in motion and let us fans know that something is being done and that a movie is actually going to be made.

Marriot VP4901d ago

I really don't know if making this movie would work without showing the persons face.

Cause I can't remember any good movie, or any movie, that had the main character in a full body suit. I wouldn't mind showing his face, I'm not some loony fanboy. This isn't John travolta, yah know

combatant4901d ago

Good call. that movie was amazing.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4901d ago

use Peter Jacksons Wingnut Studios. Mr. Jackson could direct and produce the picture and of course you could easily fund it, so whats the hold up?

gogators4901d ago

the movie, otherwise theater screen penetration will often times not get high enough to allow a movie to make money. Most movies now make, what 75-80% of there sales on the first 3 weeks of release? Is halo really powerful enough to warrent risking 110-120 million dollars on a motion picture?

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