The 10 biggest gaming surprises of 2008 [Part 1]

2008 was a special year for gaming. We cheered, cried and were surprised by several things. But which things surprised us the most? The website PS3Life made a top 10 of the biggest surprises of 2008.

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DarkRaverNL3585d ago

GTA IV was indeed really dissapointing IMO ^^

xXSilentXx3585d ago

Actually I thought GTA IV was quite good, a little bit overhyped though. Not the GOTY

iHEARTboobs3585d ago

Having not played any of the previous GTA's I decided to pick this one up since it was getting praise from all reviewers. I wasn't first. I got to the 33% mark and I haven't really gone back to play it. The missions were pretty fun but I don't want to have to date anyone or maintain friendships. I would have liked to buy a home or a plane with all the money I had. Overall it was a pretty good game that left me thinking they could have and should have done more to make it more than just a good game.

ravinash3585d ago

Yes they have made some good games lately like dead space and spore.
But they need to stop the dodgy dealing.
leaning to much for charging for downloadable content like bad company, or the whole data protection stuff in Spore which made everyone down load the game instead in protest.
Just a year ago they looked like they were trying to take over the games they look like they have fallen flat on their face.

jemmo3585d ago

That is sad about EA because Dead Space to me is a good game

xXSilentXx3585d ago

Mirror's Edge is also pretty good and Battlefield ain't bad either ^^

Kingsora3585d ago

Dead Space was just too creepy :P

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