Entertainment Weekly's Best & Worst Games of 2008 (Ready to Hate This List?)

Slashgamer Writes: "Entertainment Weekly's newest issue features their annual "Best & Worst of 2008" awards. It's the issue were they rank their favorite and not so favorite movies, TV shows, books and so on.

In the same issue, the publication actually had a section devoted to video games. Of course, the section was one of the last pages in the magazine, but hey; at least they mentioned it, right?

Now, you might be wondering what did they choose for best game of the year and we'll tell ya– but we want to warn you; you might be disappointed.

If you thought the VGA's pick of Grand Theft Auto IV was a bad decision, than I'm guessing you're going to hate this. Are you ready?"

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cayal3587d ago

lol...that's all I can do about that list.

Rockstar3587d ago

Umm, Wow...I don't know where to start.

Another good example of how all of these lists/all of these reviews are opinions and nothing more.

dribnif3587d ago

I almost never agree with any of the lists. Just because you say a thing is good, doesn't make it so, especially with something as subjective as gaming. Ditto the Oscars.

Monteblanco3587d ago

Contrary to Slash Gamer pathetic view, this is actually a pretty good list. Obviously, an Entertainment Weekly is biased to casual gaming. No wonder they gave high honors to Wii Fit, which I agree as any game m that capture the attention of my mother definitely deserves to be in such list. They also included Little Big Planet in second position, thrown a few hardcore games, such as GTA IV and Dead Planet and one sport game, Wii Madden, which is truly excellent, especially for Madden newbies. Mine casual oriented list would be a bit different, but this one is really pretty good, considering their bias.