Don't sleep on: The Last of Us Factions

Arguably Sony’s premiere first party multiplayer experience alongside Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Sadly absent from the 2022 Remake, what better time to draw attention to the little MP that could? Still a unique experience that differentiates itself with a promise of more to come. ’til then, don’t sleep on: The Last of Us FACTIONS

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MIDGETonSTILTS1777d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Good luck jumping in now, the community is very good at the game as a whole at this point.

P_Bomb77d ago

That’s the hurdle, there’s a lotta lvl 999s, 345s, 567s you name it. You’re at the mercy of the balancing which is a coin toss at best. Fortunately you can still do the 12 weeks by gathering supplies, even if you lose.


Oh, it is fun, I would just warn anybody just starting that it will take a few weeks until you stand a chance against people playing the game for a full decade.

Map knowledge and sense of timing are key for proper pushing, and those skills can only come with practice and time. And death.

P_Bomb77d ago

Oh 100%. You have to learn the maps, when to sprint or sneak, the learning curve is gonna kick back. It’s a bit Soulsborne that way; gotta accept that death will happen a lot in the beginning.

But oh man, I came THIS close to having my first perfect game last week! Got killed at the last second. Argh! lol

SoulWarrior77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

There's also the DLC weapons and persk like the tactical shotgun, frontier rifle, bomb expert 3 that kidna ruined the balance for me, but I really enjoyed it and was quite at it for a time.

Saying that I think the Factions game they are working on has potentially to be big if they nail it.


That’s a shame to hear about the dlc imbalance, I didn’t play long enough to see that erode things.

But I agree, the standalone Factions looks great from that one concept art alone. I’m hoping it is the Tarkov substitute I’ve been hoping for.

PapaBop77d ago

Are they still planning on releasing a new mp version for TLOU 2 and/or remake? Man factions was so good back in the ps3 days, like a gritty survival version of Gears of War.

P_Bomb77d ago

Afaik only the new stand-alone multiplayer game is in the works. The remake will unfortunately have to do without.

philm8776d ago

They're releasing a standalone multiplayer I believe, which also has narrative elements. Probably why they didn't worry about the multiplayer on the Part 1 remake. Reckon it's likely to coincide with the HBO series.

ClayRules201277d ago

One of the most fun, intense and rewarding MP experiences I’ve had the pleasure of playing!

Aloymetal77d ago

A bit off topic but I can't wait to see what ND can do with the PS5.

P_Bomb77d ago

No worries; I really hope they announce something new next year. That said nu-Factions will hopefully be a good tease of what’s to come on PS5.

ClayRules201277d ago

Nice! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s thought about that too.

And yeah, that would be an easter egg come to life for sure, and welcome one at that. And I agree, ND could make a sci-fi game sing, for real. Oh, the rich storytelling that could happen there…and innovative gameplay.

ClayRules201276d ago

Definitely agree with you, you don’t have to be a fan of MP, which is fine, but knowing how impressive and fun that tech is, that’ll make a difference with playing online with other players, I think, and could draw in other people who wouldn’t normally dive into MP. Now, this motion matching tech and it’s fluidity will nudge them to do that, along with whatever new is under the hood, as you put it.

Next year, it’ll be something great, man.

ClayRules201277d ago

Oh I’m right there with you bud, I can’t wait or even fathom what the dogs have cooking as a PS5 exclusive (be it Savage Starlight or something else entirely) I’m expecting it to be a visual stunner that’ll have the internet in disbelief and minds will be blown, in the best possible way haha!

I wonder how they’ll evolve and expand on their gameplay specifically, after TLoU Part 2 and that motion matching tech…I wonder how that tech would look in Uncharted, not that I want another Uncharted lol.

P_Bomb77d ago

I’ve thought about how it would look in a new Uncharted too! Savage Starlight would be a cool swerve tho. The easter egg come to life. The tech we have now, they could really make something sci-fi sing.

Aloymetal77d ago

''after TLoU Part 2 and that motion matching tech…''
This!...That motion tech fluidity is the best as of right now. No other game even from Sony can match it.

ClayRules201277d ago

Yep, it’s the benchmark, and that fluidity really is remarkable to feel on the controller and is leading the industry currently.

Not to nitpick, but with like Spider-Man 2, I’m really hoping (although Spider-Man and Spider-Man MM had great and fluid animations, that’s Spider-Man 2 will introduce (thanks to the PS5’s power/speed/Insomniacs animations and talent) spidey to move overall in a more natural and believable way, that replicates the films. Maybe I’m asking for too much haha (in terms of fluidity) but I just really want to see a bigger leap in the fluid motions of combat with him, his animations, the punches and kicks to be more impactful/visceral, yet to not feel outta place and feel rooted in this universe. Peter to still feel/be light on his feet/agile, but find a balance to where he doesn’t just flip flop like a jumping bean all the time, but other factors come into play!?

Again, just me, I love the gameplay on offer, just certain aspects that I think would really amp up the feel and deliver a more fun experience. But what do I know, I’m no dev lol.

P_Bomb76d ago

That’s where I could see ppl who maybe aren’t all that into MP, still pick up Factions 2. As a preview of what’s to come. See that next gen fluidity and what else is new under the hood. Looking forward to next year.

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