The Last of Us Part 1 - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Joel and Ellie's classic adventure is remade for the PlayStation 5. Does it still hold up? Is it as impactful as it once was? JDR grabs a shiv and goes after the Fireflies in today's review.

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Aloymetal78d ago

Another great review/score. One trophy away from the plat.

ClayRules201277d ago

Congrats on the almost platinum!

Aloymetal77d ago

Thanks dude, I couldn't get the plat for Stray tho, I bet you got it, that 2 hr speed run trophy is insane lol.

ClayRules201277d ago

You’re welcome and happy gaming to you too!

repsahj77d ago

Wow, right now I'm on completing all the collectibles. This game is awesome, good thing I didn't finish my PS4 remaster version.

Aloymetal77d ago

Yeah, they did a great job especially with Ellie.

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BlackTar18777d ago ShowReplies(4)
Elda77d ago

I had a great time playing this weekend.

Walweeze77d ago

Just got the platinum yesterday and was happy with my purchase. Had a blast and some of the changes made the game look really good

repsahj77d ago

A masterpiece got even better! One of the best that I have played on PS5.