1UP: Diablo 3 Interview

With the Diablo series, Blizzard took the dungeon-crawling formula of games like Rogue and Angband and redefined it into the loot-driven action-role-playing game that so many others have come to imitate. So you'd think that Blizzard would just chill. But no, they need to see if they can show up the imitators by developing a third Diablo game for a modern audience -- one that might consider 2001, when Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction came out, as "ancient history."

1UP recently talked with game director Jay Wilson and covered all sorts of nitty-gritty Diablo 3 topics, like why the Barbarian class is the only holdover from Diablo 2, what makes a Witch Doctor different than a Necromancer, and just how far along the classes are (you'd be surprised!).

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