Rainbow Six: Vegas Revisited. New Maps/Game Modes

Ubisoft hits us with five new maps and two new gamemodes in the upcoming Player's Pack Red Edition.

"Imagine a regular day at the office. Suddenly, a Rainbow team anti-terrorist agent explodes through the window and into your cubicle. He hands you a gun, a rappelling belt and tells you to follow him or be killed."

This is also how the team at Ubisoft Montreal described the new Assassination mode, part of the upcoming downloadable Player's Pack Red Edition, available on Xbox Live at the end of March. While no price has been announced, look for this package to be a must-download for fans of one of the most popular online titles on Xbox 360.

More details at IGN

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gogators5704d ago

Why can't companies in this industry give release dates? Pick a day, any day and say that this is the day you can download this extra content. Capcom did it with Lost Planet, Ubisoft you can do it too.

sweeper5704d ago

Well my mind is made up. I will not be getting the R6V DLC. WHY because 5 maps well 3 and 2 new game modes this is CRAP and all at the end of March is this a JOKE. we should be getting at least 8 new maps and if you want to fix the others go ahead but those could wait it's not that important. Why at the end of March when they should be in FEB.IMO I will be so involved with GRAW2 that R6V will be forever History. Like I have said if it was out before GRAW2 it might have a chance. ((SEE YA ON GRAW)) WHAT A JOKE POOR PERFOMANCE UBI somebody needs to be fired