6.4 Review: Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City writes: "Ironically, while 2008 has seen EA producing new franchises that have helped it shrug off the image of producing scant little more than series additions tweaked by statistical upgrades and glossy makeovers, Nintendo's ongoing lack of effort and its continuing penchant for 'casual' games is becoming something of a worry for its long-serving fan base.
But worry not, here comes Animal Crossing: City Folk (a.k.a. Let's go to the City), a fresh-faced Wii release that will surely offset any emerging doubt from faithful fans while showcasing Nintendo's drive to build on the Wii's potential as opposed to resting on its laurels of popularity.
Sadly, that simply isn't the case. With virtually identical gameplay to the existing GameCube and Nintendo DS iterations, not to mention limp aesthetic presentation that fails to build on either of its predecessors, City Folk arrives as yet another flaccid Wii release passed off as worthy due to a slightly tweaked control scheme."

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