Splatoon franchise scores its first ever UK No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

Splatoon 3 shoots straight to the top of the UK boxed charts this week. It’s the first game in the series to do so, with the 2015 original game (released on Wii U) and its 2017 sequel (on Nintendo Switch) missing out at No.2

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Sgt_Slaughter77d ago

Saints Row dropping like a rock. Had a feeling it was about to do that, whatever hype it had was gone after Week 1

JEECE77d ago

2K23, a very casual friendly game, sold more than three times as many copies on PS5 as it did on PS4.

Orchard77d ago

Congrats to the Splatoon team.
TLOU1 remaster & Saints Row tanking like there is no tomorrow.

VersusDMC77d ago

TLOU part 1 is still 4th and sold more than 2k23 that just came out on all systems. Saint's row is still in the top 10.
After both released at no1 already.

I guess you can say they are tanking if it helps you sleep at night...

Orchard77d ago has already confirmed that SR didn't sell well, and TLOU1 sold half of that when it was at #1.

So yes, this data is already confirmed as fact. They will both shoot up the chart when they're heavily discounted for black friday.

Nyxus77d ago

Reminder that Halo Infinite debuted at nr 4 in its first week, and dropped to nr 20 in its second.

"Last week's big new release was Halo: Infinite from Xbox, which debuted at No.4 in the UK physical charts. This week, the physical version saw a 62% drop in sales week-on-week and it falls to No.20."


So if The Last of Us is 'tanking like there's no tomorrow', I wonder what this is.

Orchard76d ago

Halo Infinite tanked too. No one is saying otherwise.

Nyxus77d ago

" has already confirmed that SR didn't sell well"

No they didn't.

"According to GfK data, Saints Row sold more than five times the number of units in its first week as 2017's Agents of Mayhem"

"Saints Row's successful debut"


badz14977d ago

Horizon being up there shows that the PS5 is in steady supply mode. hope this continues