What Is Nintendo's Best Controller?

Nintendo has tried many different styles of controllers throughout its history as a game company. Which controllers have stood the test of time?

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ZeekQuattro78d ago

Still a big fan of the Wave Bird. It worked like a dream and wasn't a battery hog. It was also the first wireless game controller I ever owned. Even got it on a discount because of a coupon Nintendo had sent out to Nintendo power subscribers.

darthv7278d ago

Gamecube/wavebird is my favorite. It had a great feel and button layout.

Orpheo78d ago

The Super NES controller is their best, followed by the original NES and the WiiU. All other Nintendo-designed controllers are garbage.

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Moonman77d ago

Switch Pro Controller is Top 3. Battery life is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.