The Last of Us Part I Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"When it comes to Naughty Dog, some people will think of their previous work through the Uncharted series but perhaps their biggest achievement happened to be their 2013 release of The Last of Us. The game saw Sony’s PlayStation 3 console taken to the limit and told a heart-wrenching tale of struggle and survival that saw many treat it as the best game of the generation. It seems that Sony certainly has agreed with this as now The Last of Us’ original release has now been given a release on every platform since with The Last of Us Part I bringing up the third release of the title in under a decade. With numerous improvements throughout the game’s various mechanics and massive graphical and technical upgrade, is it worth delving into a third time?"

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shinoff218379d ago

Yes its definitely worth it.

MichaelKnight8378d ago (Edited 78d ago )

If you say so because its not worth no $70

andy8578d ago

It is if you sell it after.

shinoff218378d ago

Let me see. One of the best aaa titles ive played in my lifetime with updated graphics. Yea definitely worth it. Even at the price id be fine with it if i had the money. Most of the people ive seen crying probably dont even have a ps5 for real

Another lifetine fav of mine ff7 o boy i wish thats all they changed when they remaked that game.

kayoss78d ago

It’s not worth it if you’ve played it already. But if you want to experience it all over again, and money is not an issue, then yes.
I’ve replayed it and with the new upgrades, a lot of the scenes are much more impactful. I think this is what naughty wanted this game to be like when it was first released on the PS3.

MadLad78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I'm planning on grabbing it from GameStop, playing it, then returning it for a refund.
I agree; it's easily one of my favorite games ever made. But I already bought both the original, and the remaster.
I'm not paying them $70 for a remake that you can argue is just another remaster.

jBlakeeper78d ago

I’d say it’s worth 50 bucks. How can you charge 70 bucks for new AAA experiences like Ratchet and then charge 70 bucks for this when it’s exactly the same only prettier?! Hopefully that puts things into perspective.

jznrpg78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Buy it for 70 sell it for 50$ on eBay you pay 20$ . I may do that and rebuy it when it’s cheap or just keep it .

VersusDMC78d ago

Smart man. I bought horizon FW, traded it for Elden Ring on Facebook after i platinumed it, then sold Elden Ring after i platinumed that. Will get both again once they reach 20 digital to add to the library.

Will probably pick up Part 1 on Boxing Day and sell it after i beat it.

VersusDMC78d ago

Like how Breath of the Wild is 60 and Skyward Sword HD is 60?

Except in Sony's case they remade Skyward Sword in the Breath of the Wild engine. That's what happened.

MadLad78d ago

Two companies doing low effort things doesn't justify the low effort thing.

A lot of people gave Nintendo crap for that release.