What can you play during the dry season of video game releases?

Summer 2022 has been a quieter period for big video game releases. But, that doesn't mean there aren't games to play during this dry season.

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isarai147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Personally it's been a "dry season" since R&C released. Nothing else has really made me excited to return to it every day since i beat that game unfortunately. Only games i'm actually excited for are Calisto Protocol, Evil West, Spider-Man 2, Max Payne 1&2 Remake, and a few other maybes

Everything else just seems to be GAAS dribble, or soulless, disappointing garbage.

Orchard147d ago

I can't wait for Callisto. Really hoping it doesn't get a last minute delay - pretty close to EOY.

Storm23147d ago

Callisto and Ragnarok are my most looked forward to games for sure. Also really excited for Atomic Heart, Spider-Man 2, Dead Space Remake, Last of Us Factions, and others.

isarai147d ago

I understand that game will be great, but same as the previous GoW, i just want Santa Monica to do something else. Just a personal opinion, but them being literally the largest studio Sony has, i'm just kinda done with it being used for only 20+yrs of GoW. And that's all that'll be in my head when i play it honestly. No shade to those that will love it, just me.

Class_Viceroy146d ago

Soooooo you're tired of God of War, want them to do something different (which technically they did by revamping the series a bit).....but yet the only game that's excited you in the past 2 years was Ratchet and Clank which has released like nearly 15 games in the past 20 years. And the most recent iteration, while beautiful and played great, they overhyped the new "rift" system and it was more or less a R&C game at it's core. I loved it, not complaining, but I wouldn't exactly call it super original.

And the only thing exciting you for the future is a Spider Man sequel (3rd in series) that probably won't be incredibly far from the predecessors, Calisto Protocol which is essentially a Dead Space re-imagined, and a remake of a series.

I don't know, while everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, I feel like you coming on here complaining about a dry season, the only game you liked the past two years was a recycled idea, then saying you're only excited for essentially recycled ideas, and to top if off you want arguably the best studio in the industry to stop making a certain series, fresh off one of the greatest games of all time, because it will "be on my mind while playing it", just seems completely silly.

isarai146d ago

Insomniac have done plenty of other things other than R&C tho, and none of what you trying to suggest is even remotely the same thing. 3 games (actually 2 games and a stand alone expansion) while also releasing other games in between is not the same as 6 games, 8 games if you count the PSP games, all the same series. Neither is a remake from a studio that has released several completely different games since working on Max Payne, and again 4 games is not the same as 8 games if you really want to include Calisto Protocol as part of the dead space lineage (which is dumb). All these studios have done other things, and/or haven't dragged it on for 20yrs. My gripe isnt "recycled ideas" dont know where you got that. I just want to see them do something different

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ApocalypseShadow147d ago

Which platform are we talking about? One has games you can buy all the time and play and had 2022 releases. Has even more games with an adapter and a VR headset. Plenty games there. Has one big game coming real, real soon. One has delays and no releases for the year. Has had developers before the huge buyouts and after but still no releases.

I know which system you'll have plenty from first and third parties to choose from without a need of a subscription or going back to play BC games.

MadLad147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Dude, you're trying too hard.

I'm looking forward to Ragnarok, but I'm currently playing Life is Strange: True Colors, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Grim Dawn, Call of Cthulhu, and Wasteland 3.

darthv72147d ago

You should know by now. Shadow never misses a chance to throw shade at MS / XB. To be honest, his disdain is rather unhealthy. I've never seen anyone hold a grudge like shadow.

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MadLad147d ago


No. But it will work on my PS5 (and eventually PC).

Is this yet another faux account account I need to report, you freaking weirdo? Like dude, you're legitimately reaching stalker levels at this point. These are videogames, dude. F-ing grow up.

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lonewolf10146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Maybe a platform that makes all other platforms pale in comparison with the amount of releases it gets.

darthv72147d ago

Maybe its just me but I never have a dry spell. I always have something to play.

Orchard147d ago

Exactly. It's been dry for new games on every platform, but that just means I finally have time to work through a huge backlog of tens of games.

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Flawlessmic147d ago

Every platform?

Nintendo and sony are doing just fine this year in terms of supplementing 1st party games with all the 3rd party games.

XbladeTeddy146d ago

Nintendo have done OK certainly nothing special though unless you like Pokeballs or Fire Emballs or Xenobollox

Orchard146d ago

@Flawless It's been 6 months since the last 1st party game on PS, if that isn't a dry spell, I don't know what is.

@XBladeTeddy Agreed. They've had a steady stream of content, just nothing huge like a Mario Oddysey (for me at least).

VenomCarnage89146d ago

A dry spell is a few months of slow times. So Sony and Nintendo experience that here and there, especially during the beginning of a Gen. Dry spell isn't the right word for MS though, by the time you reach decade(s) you've definitely necessitated a new term altogether

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After10Ben146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Same here. For every game I complete, there's 12 more on my wishlist and new games being announced every week. I've literally never run out of games to play. I think gamers need to go outside of their comfort zone and start playing different genres.

Dudeson147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

How about my giant backlog. Got so many games left to finish plus modded versions of my favourites.

Edit: Ok just reacted to the title, they actually start the article with tackling the backlog. My bad.

VersusDMC147d ago

Well when there is a dry season i'll get some games that i didn't want to get at launch that are finally on sale(Neo:the world ends with you recently), go through my psplus list to see if there is a game i am in the mood to play now(big list as i have been on ps+ since the ps4 came out) or look at the games that i have bought that i replay on a regular basis (Dead Spaces, Resident Evils, Final Fantasies, Returnal)

Currently doing my God of War replay in preparation for Ragnarok as i just finished Soul Hackers 2 and the next new game is Plague Tale 2.

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