The Division Heartland Gameplay Shown Off in New Dev Video

Ubisoft has finally released our first official look at The Division 2 Heartland gameplay today during the game's developer video.

Welshy582d ago

The Division franchise has some of the most immersive environments ever imo, I actually enjoyed getting collectibles for the virtual tourism effect of going to all the nooks and crannies.

I really want this to be good, but I just don't even remotely trust the modern live service model.

JeffGUNZ581d ago

Same. I am confused with this game. Is there any real PvE elements or is this just a big town that is basically handled like the dark zone with rogue agents? I am all for PvE content, but the dark zone was just something that really I could never get into.


The Division: Heartland Gets Rated PG-15 For All Platforms In Taiwan

Violence, inappropriate language, and anti-society themes have been cited.

139d ago
HyperMoused139d ago

In game adds with this one also?


The Division Heartland: Closed Beta Community Update

The Closed Beta Test for The Division Heartland starts on June 27.


The Division 2 Gets Year 5 Roadmap While Heartland Is Still in Testing Phase

In The Division day, The Division 2 received a detailed Year 5 roadmap. Ubisoft also shared updates about Heartland and Resurgence.

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MehmetAlperTR360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I've got error when i tried to download games on my ubisoft connect account ( PC ) .. Microsoft Visual C++ error. It's fatal error can't download any game on my library. Literally my accounts are dead right now. Anyone is getting same error ? Checked the internet and tried everything including clean format. But no use on Windows 11 Pro ( licenced ) .. Strange thing is i reported the issue to the ubisoft last saturday and they didn't turn back yet!!!

P_Bomb360d ago

Man that sucks! Did some co-op today but on console. Hope you can get back on.