PlayStation 3 Gives Blu-Ray Disc Edge in DVD Format War

Right now, the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD next-generation DVD camps are engaged in a brutal battle for market share, where only one is expected to be the winner. Capturing a critical mass of consumer dollars also means capturing the consumer's faith that a particular format will be the winner. No one wants to sink money into the next Betamax. All this means that next-generation DVD sales numbers are becoming more critical, both as an indicator of actual sales as well as a guide to what your fellow shoppers might be thinking.

Currently, the only real source of independent sales data on next-generation DVD sales has come from Nielsen VideoScan, a member of the well-known Nielsen family of companies that generate the ratings used to determine the popularity of TV programs.

Nielsen has tracked sales numbers since November, and provided weekly data to industry trade publications on a week-to-week basis. However, the firm sent over a spreadsheet to Foxnews of all of their numbers, [which clearly show Blu-ray taking a huge chunk of market share from HD DVD since November 2006.]

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scriptkiddie5705d ago

Only because there are no games on the PS3 yet.

Wonder if sony is holding back the development of great games for the PS3 so they can push blu-ray.

DJ5705d ago

Great games take time to develop, and pushing back their star titles was a smart move. Microsoft did the same as well. Has nothing to do with HD movies.

MaximusPrime5705d ago

PS3 is the only cheapest bluray player on the market. That probably explains the big jump in Bluray sale.

techie5705d ago

huh? Is the only cheapest blu-ray? WAH? It is the cheapest blu-ray does that account for it outselling hd-dvd??? The reason the ps3 will aid blu-ray is that those who buy it as a games machine will buy blu-ray movies.

MaximusPrime5705d ago

as far as i know, the next cheaper bluray player costs 500 GBP more that PS3.

techie5705d ago

Yes indeed - but is it the cheapest player compared to hd-dvd players? That might be more relevant. Also I'm not sure if people who are undecided about the format are choosing Blu-ray just because the ps3 is a cheap player - unless they have decided to go with blu-ray - because people who go into a store and don't know which format and ask to see hd players - I doubt mr Dixon is going to take you to a ps3.

I think a gamer owning a ps3 might change the scales though - 2million blu-ray players and more to come. It could really charge forward in this war.

power of Green 5705d ago

Far from over. Kind of ridiculous declairing anything more than a current spike; ofcourse half of the must have HD Tech-movie buffs will be for Blu-ray and buy into the hype. BR was late to the game and PS3 does make it easier for the folks to afford it and helps BR in a very limited way(Console fanbase will not make much difference in the long run due to small fanbase).

So yes we're just seeing the sale's figure's from folks that already made up their minds about it. Will BR win the hearts of the budget masses? better yet can it even become popular enough to sell to consumer's that will be willing to spend huge sums of cash right now!; to get the price down far enough to appeal to the buget masses?.

Like i said this is not the 40 yard dash!, it's a marathon.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5705d ago

no sh1t, really wow who'da thunk it!

Every major movie studio supports and releases movies for it, only a handful support HD-DVD. HUUMMMMMMMMMM?

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The story is too old to be commented.