PS3 And 360 Are For Gamers, Wii Is For...Everyone Else

Psxextreme: I was one of the first to stand up and applaud Nintendo for making the decision to avoid a head-on confrontation with Sony and Microsoft. They took a different route and struck gold...lots of gold.

But after 2008 and looking forward to 2009, the evidence is clear: the Wii is not a next-gen gaming platform. It's a gadget. A toy. Something the entire world can easily get behind - I'm not denying that - but also something that obviously doesn't need "AAA" next-gen software to be successful. And because this flies directly in the face of the unwavering rule that a system can't be popular without the games, this proves the Wii isn't really a game platform in this generation.

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BrotherNick3639d ago

Tell that to the game devs creating MH3, DQX, and Tales 10.

byeGollum3639d ago

Great Point BrotherNick

BrotherNick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Realize this article is the standard N4G article, with points that have been discussed about 20 times over. I'd be fumed if I felt the industry I grew to love started ignoring me...but it's not...there are many great games on all the systems and you should just enjoy them. :) Also if you think about it, now more people can enjoy games. Even your grandpa. If there's something wrong about that to you should be ashamed of yourself. These games may be the only comfort before they pass. :P

ChickeyCantor3639d ago

I don't care how many bubbles you have, have another.

BrotherNick3639d ago

Us Wii fans only give bubbles. :)

gaffyh3639d ago

To a certain extent this guy is correct, PS3 and 360 have far more games that gamers like, whereas the Wii has very little. The only games I would want a Wii for is SMG, MadWorld and maybe SSBB. Nothing else out at the moment is appealing to me

ChickeyCantor3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Because of your opinion that guy is right? just because you are interested in few games. HE? makes a point?
If i were to say, what is true btw, that i'm hardly interested in all those Ps3/360 games, now because of that can I conclude that those 2 consoles aren't for "gamers"?
No didn't think so.

We all have different taste, and non is above the other.
Wii is a gaming console for everyone including gamers wether he likes it or not. There are no "types" of gamer we are just gamers nothing to it. One just takes it more to a different extreme.

lowcarb3639d ago

Good points brothernick. I might not be a Wii fan but Nintendo has really expanded the market demographic.

Gue13639d ago

Look at my nicknames, I need some bubbles you know... =0

badz1493639d ago

I think that the term "gamers" in here means those who 'actually' play 'real' games! Wii play, Wii Sports Wii fit and Wii music are games but not real games! it' like playing Buzz, Singstar and eye toy on PS2! if you play only these games, you are not true 'gamers'! don't tell me about Mario, Zelda and Metroid on Wii because soccer moms, granny and grandpa don't and will never play them! those games are for 'gamers', not everybody else!

Mahr3639d ago

"Wii play, Wii Sports Wii fit and Wii music are games but not real games!"

Why not? Is it not the purpose of videogames to entertain people and encourage social interaction?

Mr.Mister3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

who the f*ck keep disagreeing with brothernick i bet since its a sony fanboi site than its must be sony fanboi
what you dont have enought game so u keep trolling and spaming on other console???
danm than go play outside!!!!

snakeater33639d ago

(read in gary oldman's voice)

wii is for everyone....."what do you mean everyone?"............EEE VVVVEEERRRYYYYYOOOOONNNNNEEEEEE !!!!!

bubbles who can guess which movie its from :)

Mahr3639d ago

The Professional -- great movie.

gaffyh3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

@sidar - it's not just my opinion. I'm just saying that there are more games available on PS3 and 360 that appeal to gamers than on the Wii (and that's proven by the fact that casual Wii games sell millions e.g. Wiifit, WiiSports). If you can't see that, you are a blind fanboy.

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ChickeyCantor3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

" the Wii is not a next-gen gaming platform. It's a gadget"

Well i guess that guy is cool, his penis is big.
His opinion matters so much that it needs to be on n4g.

Ya know what it's not next-gen it's current gen.
It's a gadget? Really? i play games on it...o wait samething you do on the PS3 and 360!(LBP is fun btw =D).

It's been done over and over, no one gives a F what the Wii is, it's kicking ass and people keep pretending it isn't by calling it: " a gadget" "not next-gen" just to point out that they can't face reality that the Wii kicked huge ass this gen.

O yeah that reminds me, people say Nintendo lied about the controls and people thought it was 1:1(they never really said it was 1:1...though), remember "EMOTION ENGINE" and all the attached BS ? rest in peace dreamcast.

This whole gen has been full of SHYTE.

Also N4G deserves to die with these articles =D

BrotherNick3639d ago

I feel that most of the people who believe they are the real gamers are frustrated at how they supposedly are the minority, and are following an imaginary war and feel that these articles, if spread enough, become true. People are creating their own realities here. It's group mentality at its finest.

ChickeyCantor3639d ago

Yes, i think that too but the annoying part is it NEVER ENDS.
As of right now i feel frustrated( while i shouldn't be) because gamers are this stupid to be like that sheep.
People actually believe this nonsense of "next-gen" "Console A = toy Console B = gamer machine" and more BS like that.

I'm getting real tired of it =/ seriously.
This whole website is depressing xD.
Maybe i should just leave. XD

BrotherNick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Maybe, there's always news about that new game that sucks us back in. Maybe I'll face you in Mario Kart one day? I just got it and I'm kind of new, I'll PM you my code.

ChickeyCantor3639d ago

I can't denie the fact that it's great source for news.

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Product3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Without the wii i would be missing out on great core games.It might be for "everybody" but im going to have fun playing PunchOut.
Bubbles for sidar and brother

Edit: @below
Are you saying you wouldnt play Punchout?

Parapraxis3639d ago

Ahh the Wii, the iPod of gaming consoles.
How delusional Nintendo fanatics are this gen is very humourous.

ChickeyCantor3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

"MISSING OUT GOOD GAMES" will hurt us as a gamer more than hurting those console makers.

Have fun missing out =)

BrotherNick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Haha, I like all games for all systems, I just play the wii more. Last gen I had an xbox lol. There are good games for all the systems, but if you want the full experience you really need all three. :P

DiabloRising3639d ago

I'm not going to bash the Wii. It has some very awesome, fun, solid games like Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess. MY PROBLEM with the Wii is that it didn't have enough games for ME to say interested, despite the awesomeness of the above and the Virtual Console. I hope Nintendo doesn't keep shunning its core audience... bringing in new "outside" gamers is great for everyone, but NOT at the expense of the people that stuck with you over the generations.

BrotherNick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

I can understand what you mean. When I was younger I was a bigger gamer than when I got to college. I might have been annoyed if I couldn't get much gaming in as much as the other systems do. Nowadays I do other things, so games aren't in my total priority anymore. It's nice that I can use my system at social gatherings and alone now.

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