GameStop Accused of Wiretapping Customers

A recent report shows that GameStop is being accused of recording and sharing conversations made through Customer Support without consent.

sourOG379d ago

All customer support calls are recorded. That’s not “wiretapping” lmao

porkChop379d ago

In order to record they have to explicitly state that they're recording though. They also can't share those conversations.

sourOG379d ago

They all do generally. Every customer support I’ve called has stated that it is being recorded. I can understand not sharing someone’s personal information but some anonymous dumbass questions? Who cares? They record them to use them, that’s the purpose. First is cover your ass insurance, second is to optimize. They are using your CS call as “do and don’t” examples.

“Here how not to handle a Karen”

richardmmorales379d ago

They usually do. Usually it goes "this call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes." or something to that effect.

sinspirit379d ago

Either way. That is not wiretapping. I was wondering how and why GameStop would access customers phone lines.

Seraphim379d ago

@sinspirit - legally, if I recall, wire tapping is simply the act of recording a call w/o consent. Each state has their own laws regarding such. In some states it's one party consent meaning that if you are personally on the call you can legally record it w/o the other persons consent. In other states they require both parties to consent.

on topic: As others have stated, most call centers state something along the lines your call may be recorded for quality assurance... Not sure how or where they may be able to share that recording as I'm no lawyer but if they are recording calls w/o mentioning that the call is being recorded, that is illegal in at least some states.

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porkChop379d ago

Just noticed that's it's not about phone calls or QA.

"secretly wiretaps the chat feature on its website and then shares the transcripts with a third party that harvests the data for marketing purposes."

They're basically selling your information.

Crows90379d ago

Wiretapping is quite extreme considering there's no wiretapping involved. They just sell a record of the chat feature.

porkChop379d ago

The wiretapping law isn't only about literal wiretapping.

frostypants378d ago

Except that's also not what wiretapping is.

neutralgamer1992379d ago

It's cute people think GS is the one doing this. The phone we use every day is listening to us and accordingly share relevant information. They no longer need to wiretap anyone since we are sharing our lives through our phones/social media

Don't believe me just randomly say something while your phone isn't being used few times and you will start to get ads related to whatever you were talking about

Adrian_v01379d ago

The last thing you mention is more a psychological trick your brain does to you so you think you see ads you talk about. It's been tested and never proven.

1nsomniac379d ago

It has been proven. It’s also been discussed openly in the Supreme Court.

It was acknowledged as fact for some time until recently the last year or two when there’s suddenly been a big push to claim that it was never true and none of the above mentioned things happened. It’s very simple to test by yourself and it works. In fact I’ve proven it to friends and family several times in the last 2 months alone.

Mobis-New-Nest379d ago

Don't worry, Avon will send in Brother Mouzone to straighten out GameStop.

sourOG379d ago

Had to google that one Lmao. Never seen the wire, I heard it was one of the better crime dramas though and I’ve been meaning to watch it.

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chobit_A5HL3Y379d ago

a website that wants me to disable my adblocker? kiss my ass lol

dekke379d ago

refresh that page and it wont popup that message again atleast on firefox :P

Crows90379d ago

I use brave. Haven't had a single issue yet

franwex379d ago

They are trying to wire tap you.

Bobertt379d ago

I see wall street is mad so they are just throwing shit at the wall to try and take them down.

plmkoh379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

If you know you know

Lore379d ago

How did this title get approved on here

Lore379d ago

It’s misleading clickbait. There is no “wire tapping.” I’m not referring to the article itself, just the title

franwex379d ago

Wire tapping means conversations in person. As they wear a wire. This thing is twisted dumb.

jznrpg379d ago

That’s wearing a wire . Wiretapping is used by law enforcement to tap into your phone calls and record them and you don’t know it. Not sure what this what GameStop is doing depends on how they collect the info .

Double_O_Revan379d ago

That's not what that means at all.

MadLad378d ago

Yeah. No ...
You're not exactly on point with what you are talking about.