Captain America Game With Black Panther Teaser Trailer Released

At today's Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, a new Captain America game was unveiled along with a short teaser, and it features Black Panther, too.

jznrpg682d ago

Meh . Captain America is boring and I know little of Black Panther besides the movie .

chobit_A5HL3Y682d ago

no character is boring if you have good writing.

-Foxtrot682d ago

This is great, it’s like the comics where Cap ran into the Black Panther of that time period before he was frozen

Nick Fury was also in it, I’m hoping it’s the original Nick Fury not the Samuel Jackson lookalike he then played in the films

-Foxtrot682d ago

Well that was something

Kind of

I’m talking about the original before the Ultimate version

The one who was in the Howling Commandos and because he slowly ages then ran Shield in the present


Ashunderfire86682d ago

Could you imagine if David Hasshoff showed up in an upcoming Avengers movie as Nick Fury? He would say: “What are you staring at? I am the original.” The crowd would be shock with laughs lol 😂

Christopher682d ago

Looks like it's a WW2 game, so won't be Black Panther from the movies anyway but one of his ancestors.

crazyCoconuts682d ago

Have you ruled out.... time travel? Parallel universes?? ;-)

Christopher682d ago

Of course not. It's Marvel. Everything gets left on the cutting room table.

northpaws682d ago

Did they say who is the developer? That's the most important question.

Vengeance1138682d ago

It's in the title of the article, Amy Hennig is making the game thus it's Amy Hennig's studio Skydance New Media making it.

crazyCoconuts682d ago

Wasn't there a recent announcement about them also doing a star wars game? Disney must have a lot of faith in this new studio

mkis007682d ago

Its bumming me out we havent got to see anything of hers since uncharted 3.

Lexreborn2682d ago

Hmm, so you will play as 4 different characters with 4 different play styles in world war 2. I’m pretty tired of games set in world war 2 but seems like the popular set piece to always go to.

It will be sort of interesting to see the narrative of The Black Panther(tachakka I am presuming) who always seemed to be uninterested in that time and who did cross paths with Capt.

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