Assassin's Creed Titles On A Jaw-Dropping Sale On PlayStation And Xbox

Assassin's Creed games and its DLCs are on a big sale on both Xbox & PlayStation consoles. The sale is likely to celebrate the event tomorrow.

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Profchaos76d ago

They've basically given away most games in the franchise at this point outside of Odessa or made them available on subscriptions

jznrpg76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Assasins Creed games are dirt cheap for awhile now . Then they gave them away in Plus .

anast76d ago

I would like Valhalla gold edition to be on sale for $20.

DarthZoolu76d ago

It’s totally not worth it play Elden ring instead

anast75d ago

I'm around 83% on Elden Ring. Now, I am just waiting for the DLC. Valhalla is set in one of my favorite time periods so I want to play it, but I can justify paying that anything over 20 for the gold editions when it comes to Ubi games.

The-Matrix-has-you76d ago

“JAW dropping” would be sub $10 a game. Lol

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