Assassin's Creed Titles On A Jaw-Dropping Sale On PlayStation And Xbox

Assassin's Creed games and its DLCs are on a big sale on both Xbox & PlayStation consoles. The sale is likely to celebrate the event tomorrow.

Profchaos450d ago

They've basically given away most games in the franchise at this point outside of Odessa or made them available on subscriptions

jznrpg450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Assasins Creed games are dirt cheap for awhile now . Then they gave them away in Plus .

anast450d ago

I would like Valhalla gold edition to be on sale for $20.

DarthZoolu449d ago

It’s totally not worth it play Elden ring instead

anast449d ago

I'm around 83% on Elden Ring. Now, I am just waiting for the DLC. Valhalla is set in one of my favorite time periods so I want to play it, but I can justify paying that anything over 20 for the gold editions when it comes to Ubi games.

The-Matrix-has-you450d ago

“JAW dropping” would be sub $10 a game. Lol

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Can We Finally Admit Assassin's Creed 3 Deserves an Apology?

AC3 was released during a turbulent transition period for Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed series. It ventured into uncharted territory, narratively and mechanically, which caused it to receive mixed reviews. At its core, though, it's a damn good stealth game.

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isarai55d ago

Nope, I hated 3, connar was bland, literally the most flat character in the entire game. Not to mention to myriad of bugs, camera issues, and that annoying thing where he automatically ditches his weapon you payed for for the sake of a cool finishing move forcing you to trek back to your base after almost every encounter just to re-equip your own weapon. It just didn't work as fluidly as the others like 2 and 4

Samonuske54d ago

The series peaked at AC3 for me. It’s been my favourite in the series. Connor will always be one of my favourite video game protagonists.

Becuzisaid54d ago

No. Game was BORING. Connor was really dull. Environments, while impressive, because of the geographic location and time period were not really exciting to be in. I would love some kind of game set in there colonial American time period, but a game like AC that back then centered around parkour and vertical traversal really didn't fit those environments.

-Foxtrot54d ago


There was a lot of issues but mine is how they handled the war

They told us Connor was not going to get involved, that the war was more of a background setting for the real story and it wasn’t going to be one sided

They lied, even the cinematic E3 trailer showed Connor emerge from the Colonist side and slaughter the red coats to get to his target, inspiring the Colonists to fight back

I just thought it would have made more sense lore wise that the red coats were mostly compiled of Assassins fighting the Colonist templars who wanted to take the new world for themselves.

Since the Red coats lost the war, it would then explain how the Templars started to gain the upper hand and how on the future the assassins were mostly killed off and the Templar’s had pretty much taken over everything.

Instead it just felt like they didn’t want to p*** off the American audience

Even Haytham was cool, he should have been an Assassin through and through and should have been the main lead.

toxic-inferno54d ago

The game even seems to lack the humour of the other games. It almost seems as though the idea of even slightly making fun of American history wouldn't be acceptable.

-Foxtrot54d ago


It just felt super safe

“Better not make the colonists look super bad incase people boycott our game”

jeromeface54d ago

someone missed the whole point

-Foxtrot54d ago

There was literally no point

What I've just said above would at least make sense lore wise and why the Assassins start to loose their war, die off and how the Templars are in control in the future of almost everything....what they did was just, pointless

CrimsonWing6954d ago

I’m one one of those weird people that liked Ass Creed 3, but to be fair I never got around to finishing it.