Steam Deck Review

John writes, "The Steam Deck is solidly built with some great features and it’s ever constantly improving in the software department. And priced well below other handheld PCs out there, the Steam Deck offers up a great gaming experience on the go or even at home. I’ve gotten so much use out of the Steam Deck lately in both gaming and just messing around with what I can do with it in terms of emulation that it’s one of the few purchases where I already think I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some. Valve’s really done well with their last two hardware offerings in the Valve Index and now the Steam Deck and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next iteration of the Steam Deck whenever that comes out."

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z2g82d ago

based on this review it sounds like the best handheld on the market including bang for buck

ABizzel181d ago

It's great at what it does, it's only held back by Steam OS and Proton updates really. There's another handheld PC coming out with an updated Ryzen 6800U as well which should offer more performance and it runs Windows so in theory, it should be a decent upgrade over the Steam Deck.

The problem is subsidizing the cost on these handheld PCs.

RedDevils80d ago

Likely cost double the price of the Steam Deck lol

ABizzel180d ago

Actually, it was set to $635 USD based on conversion, so likely $599 or $649 USD.

8-Core / 16-thread CPU
12 RDNA 2 GPU cores
1080p display

So it's a an upgrade in pretty much every way to what the SteamDeck offers and cost as much as the 512GB Steam Deck.....

darthv7282d ago

I just watched a few vids on upgrading the internal storage of the deck. Im going to replace the 64gb ssd with a 512gb at some point but I did find a 256gb ssd for only $20 so that would be a nice little boost in space. already have a 512gb sd card that works fine but nothing wrong with a little more storage internally.

The deck is a great piece of kit. i can only imagine what a deck 2 would consist of (spec wise).

mkis00781d ago

The only thing keeping me from ordering it is the prospect of starting with the second iteration. I want to see what they will put in it once we are deep into the current gen.

Kosic81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I'm curious how often they'll update the steam deck model (once every 2, 3 years?)

XbladeTeddy80d ago

Probably every 2 years. They already said they're planning the next one already.

MrGameAndWatch81d ago

Very happy with mine. As proton is going further, more games can be played without the need to do a dual boot. Only thing that can make me buy the second iteration is a 1080p screen to improve readability.

cthulhucultist81d ago

Fair enough review as it covered most aspects. It is certainly appealing to be able to play on the fly PC, some Sony and Microsoft games in on handheld console with reasonable performance. It is also very ergonomic and well designed.

The only constraints IMHO are the battery and the fact that many important games are not playable or verified (Halo Infinite campaign, Resident evil 3 and 7, Destiny 2, to name but a few).

Old McGroin81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Halo Infinite Campaign is playable, see here from one month ago:

Also, Resident Evil 3 runs just fine:

Ditto Resi 7:

If a game isn't Verified it doesn't mean it can't be played.

cthulhucultist80d ago

Your are correct to point out that a non verified game may still be played on steam deck. However I was referring to the official valve compatability terms, namely "verified" and "playable".

The games I mentioned were not in fact either of these. For Halo Infinite I can attest that the game suffers as some audio is out of sync and it took me a while before I could boot it (starting screen froze too many times and loading time was stuck at first two levels).

As regards resident evil 3, my friend who bought it few months ago, reported save file issues which ruind the experience.

In any case I wouldnt recommend to anyone paying for playing these games in this state. But I am sure the issues will be ironed out shortly.

Lastly I was not aware that resident evil 7 works fine! I will give it a try now that it is on sale! Thanks for letting me know

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