Is 'Prince of Persia' Ripping Off 'Shadow of the Colossus'?

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Homage? Inspiration? Or a case of Grand Theft 'Shadow'?

Before I played Ubisoft Montreal's magnificent new 'Prince of Persia,' I saw that comparisons were being drawn between it and Sony's cult favorite PS2 game 'Ico.' Both games are platformers the present a hero who is accompanied and assisted by a lovely woman. In both games, the mechanic of holding hands in fundamental.

But if you thought the 'Prince of Persia' team drew a lot of inspiration from 'Ico,' then wait until you see how much they drew from the other celebrated game made by Fumito Ueda's team at Sony, 'Shadow of the Colossus.'

Without going into spoilers, let's look at some striking similarities."

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rucky3585d ago

Definitely an inspiration. Shadow of the Colossus is still a one of a kind experience though. It also kinda feels like what a Zelda game could be if they went to a more realistic approach.

rroded3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

we got it and its killed the pop series dead. Cant die all scripted 1 on 1 fights super repetitive. Cant even die on a boss fight n all fight r exactly the same. You can take on a boss put down your joystick (without pausing) n come back in an hour and your still alive. Whats more the same small handful of enemies just keep appearing over n over again. Then theres the running back n forth n back again over the same obvious routes. Run jump swing use generic jump pad x repeat.
I had such high hopes we have every pop game on the ps2 loved em all... now this n im out 60 bucks...

Doppy3585d ago

Come to think of it there are a ton of similarities to SOTC. I guess they're huge fans.

PrimordialSoupBase3585d ago

They were inspired by an excellent game and did Shadow/Ico proud. Leave it at that.

VampHuntD3585d ago

Anything past Sands of Time was crap. If anything this is a much closer step to Sands of Time than Warrior Within or Two Thrones which became more about the combat (Bad combat mind you, sands of time was great) than the puzzle.

f7897903584d ago

There are similarities but its definitely not stealing.

badz1493584d ago

just doesn't feel like a PoP game anymore! it feels like it want to be other games! I would rather play Sand of time in HD compared to this new prince!

Legion3584d ago

I would say that Shadow followed the original POP series more so then the other way around.

Shadow itself felt like it had similarities to many other titles. To say that the last installment copied Shadow because of similar features over the same similar features of it's own previous games is just seeking confirmation where it doesn't exist.

mfwahwah3584d ago


Care to elaborate?

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outlawlife3585d ago

im going to have to say somebody is grasping for a story here

VampHuntD3585d ago

Grasping for straws is more like it. Ripping them off because a building looks similar (granted it looks very similar) and because there's an altar? NEWS FLASH: TEMPLES HAVE ALTARS....

And the light thing? Yeah cause you'd be able to find your way alone and they didn't want the (The one that the prince was chasing at the start...that you may never see, I haven't finished the game) donkey going ninja and jumping from path to path.

Wait there's a donkey mentioned in prince of persia and in SOTC there's a horse!!! RIPOFF!!!! Prince has two legs and so does Wanderer!!! RIPOFF!!!! and they both use swords!!!! 3 STRIKES TIME TO SUE!!!!

I'm thinking you all got the point.

pp3585d ago

Is 'Prince of Persia' Ripping Off 'Shadow of the Colossus'? More like a improvement Shadow of the Colossus was crap.

Stubacca3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Is POP any good guys?

Nitrowolf23585d ago

POP is good, but shadow of clossus is better

Cwalat3585d ago





no i don't think it was a ripoff...
just some speculations.

i know that SOTC will be better than this... when it releases for PS3 that is.

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