Hideo Kojima explains the inspiration behind the name Solid Snake

Kojima: "Snake, having a soft and wiggly image, and Solid being the opposite. I wanted to put those two contradicting words together to create contrast."

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Dirty_Lemons80d ago

Hideo Kojima, ladies and gentlemen. 👏

OtterX80d ago

I love Kojima, but his answer was as long-winded as his games! X'D

fr0sty80d ago

"It totally wasn't a dick joke, promise!" - Hideo Kojima

OtterX80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Naked Snake
Punished Snake aka the Venom Snake
Solid Snake
Old Snake
Liquid Snake aka the White Mamba
Solidus Snake
and just plain Snake

.....I think you're on to something fr0sty ;)

Half surprised we didn't get Snake the 1920's jazz musician who plays that Sax, Trumpet and Trombone, aka Horny Snake

traqueia80d ago

Sure Kojima, that's the reason LOL

But seriously now, great read on how it all came to be

Nyxus80d ago

I also like his explanation of the code name 'Old Snake' from MGS4:

"His codename was also changed to “Old Snake.” The letters “I” and “S” were removed from the word SOLID: “is” – or in other words “being” – had been taken away from him; he was now Old Snake."


Dirty_Lemons79d ago

I didn't know that, fun little fact dude!

franwex80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Bro. It’s from escape from New York.

I have always like the Solid part though.

Nyxus80d ago

Yeah he mentions Snake Plissken as well, and a song called Solid State Survivor.

boing180d ago

Always thought he took a long dump, looked at it before flushing and said:"looks solid...and like a snake... Wait, could it be? Hmm... "

TheColbertinator80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Many great ideas pop up in your head after a good dump

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