Miasma Chronicles Preview – A slick XCOM-like RPG in a new universe | TheSixthAxis

We go hands on with Misama Chronicles, the next game from the makers of Mutant Year Zero, which features a head in a jar!

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sourOG388d ago

Mutant year zero was great. That and “xcom-like” was all I needed to purchase. I’ve never heard or seen anything about this game lol.


Miasma Chronicles Review | TheXboxHub

Everything in Miasma Chronicles on Xbox Series X|S comes together to ensure that it is a blast to play through.

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EDGE #386 Review Scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Street Fighter 6, System Shock, Diablo IV, and more

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Miasma Chronicles review - Dread, Hope and Fear in Turn | TechStomper

"Miasma Chronicles tells a rich tale of loss and near-extinction wrapped in a deep, satisfying turn-based tactical adventure."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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jznrpg106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

9 on Xbox site 7 from PlayStation site.

I do notice Xbox sites rate games higher generally than other sites do for some reason.

DeusFever105d ago

Review score inflation is an industry wide problem. To paraphrase Syndrome, when every game is 8/10 or better, none of them will be. It’s why I’m not too critical of outliers that hand out low scores.

shinoff2183105d ago

Idc about site reviews. These guys made mutant year zero. They won my willingness to buy their future products.

coolbeans105d ago

Huh? TechStomper isn't an Xbox site.