Sony was Activision Blizzard’s largest customer by revenue in 2020, with Microsoft ranking fourth

When it comes to game sales, Sony remained one of the biggest customers of Activision Blizzard for years. Microsoft, however, has been trailing behind not only PlayStation, but Google and Apple as well.

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FallenAngel198479d ago

Hence why their games will remain multiplat

Sonyslave379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Lol no make cod exclusive and watch the sheep flock to xbox ecosystem. It a reason why sony fear Xbox logo plaster all over Cod and no more best on playstation marketing.

Jin_Sakai79d ago

“Lol no make cod exclusive and watch the sheep flock to xbox ecosystem.“

I mean you’re right.

Lifexline79d ago

This right here it’s why Sony is crying Bloody Mary with this deal. They admit it themselves. A bunch of hypocrites. When companies buy studios no matter how small or big they are and exclude them from a group of people but when it happens to them they want whine. Not surprised about Google and Apple call of duty mobile is really huge right now.

Elda79d ago

Most of PS fanbase/loyalists will play COD on pc.

tay870179d ago

dude playststion fans arent going to switch to xbox enmasse to play COD. MS thinks that is what will happen, but its not going to. playstation gamers are some of the most loyal customers out there. they will just find something else to play. between all the 1st party gaas games, the partnerships with deviation games and firewalk studios along with bungie there certainly wont be any shortages of multiplayer games available. going to take them a long time to recoup the 80 billion spent on this aquistition. xbox gamers dont buy games and it will be even worse once its free.

ED-E79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

MS cares more about Gamepass than Xbox tbh. Sony on the long run will too with their Plus stuff (thus their PC push). But at least currently you still have games exclusive to the console which are not on the PC, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is a concept not existing anymore on Xbox for a while now.

But once there will be a hard and software standard for TVs in case for gaming, Sony/MS will only sell premium controllers and headsets for their services. Or you be the weird kid who uses the controller which came with the TV.

Somehow I know I will miss those times then when there is no physical box anymore. But not the rivalry though, these were always stupid, today as it was 30 years ago when I first witnessed it and unfortunately was part of it.

MajorLazer78d ago

This is delusional at best. One or a handful of games don't define Playstation, unlike Xbox.

S2Killinit78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

MS paid more money for the deal than they’ve made in their entire time in gaming industry. Thats a major defeat by any standard.

MS was behind Sony by so much that they had to cannabalize the industry, and they are still a smaller gaming company that Playstation which should tell you how badly they have managed so far.(facts not opnion)

As to COD, it will go exclusive, and it will be a major disservice to gamers, and it will be the beginning of COD suffering the fate of Halo. Soon a multiplatform game will replace COD as the new COD for the masses.

MontyeKristo78d ago

Tay8701 - I think you are a fool, if you believe that. There will be numerous amounts of people who will switch to the Xbox to play Cod. No doubt about it. Especially if the games pick up in quality, due to MS backing. Online players typically want to play games with their friends - loyalty, it's not a thing to some plastic game box.

outsider162478d ago

Lmao. Not gonna happen dude. It'll take more than CoD to actually jump ship to another console. And based on the doesn't make sense does it. If Sony is Activision's biggest in the world making it exclusive to xbox is gonna add that


If you think I'm switching to Xbox because of cod you're stupid, not even gameass is enough for me to switch

ironmonkey78d ago

Nope in your dreams, try harder please.

Bathyj78d ago

Do you realise what a child you sound like?

Brazz78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Not sure about this "massive Xbox migration"... You see, the coin have 2 sides. Yeah, Xbox can have massive gains with massive migration of players, but on the other hand... Playstation users can Just quit CoD, they can find another option for their FPS needs, just "quit CoD"!
Making CoD exclusive can either be a massive Win or a massive loss to xbox...

darthv7278d ago

I think many are missing the take away here. Sony can still be the biggest customer... MS's biggest customer that is. All they need to do to keep getting CoD is pay up to MS like they were doing with Activision. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Sony already has working relationship with Ms over the use of Azure servers for their Now+ service. Making a deal for more CoD is not that far out of possibility.

sinspirit78d ago


They were paying for promotional material. Not to get the game on their platform. That costs more money and is basically not worth it in a business sense unless you are struggling to release games. It's also kind of ridiculous to think they should give in to a company buying out so many major properties just to have access to properties they already had on their system. How are people really going to try and casually say they just need to pay MS rather than point out the obvious of how backwards it is to do so. If they end up having a good shooter in the works like has been suggested for years then this may even work out very well to give focus to that and not give in to bigger company tactics.

thorstein78d ago

The number one customer by revenue disappears and so will COD.
Sony has 1st party MP FPS that are amazing. Cross play with PC will be fine.
EA is salivating at this and already at work on a slew of new Battlefield titles. They are under new leadership, created new studios. Sure, chirp on 2042. It was a terrible launch and now it is playable but still lacking.

Soldierone78d ago

Or just not play at all. I have no intention of buying a new console just to play COD, ill find something else to waste time on.

darthv7278d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@sin... the game is still the same. Only the owner changed. MS wont have to pay activision for any specialized treatment because they own the series. sony can still pay like they did. None of that changes so why are you conflating things? MS said they will continue to release games up to and past the original contractual time frame. And for some reason Sony is not happy about basically getting another 3 years for free. Like i said, if sony paid Activision for any sort of special treatment, they can continue to do so to MS now.

Necr0philiac78d ago

I had a lot of my Xbox 360 friends jump to playstation last Gen because of Call of Duty. And yes that was the only game they ever played

sinspirit78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


What did I just say in response to your own words? They pay for something else entirely for CoD. Something also much cheaper than advertisements or content. You said they can just continue paying like they already have. It's not the same because it's payment for something else entirely, and it's not going to be comparable in how much would be paid for a deal like that.

MS also said they don't agree with exclusives before. And, then they bought a bunch of multiplatform devs and locked in their games to their console aside from contractual obligations. CoD is also a contractual obligation that they suddenly decide to extend. Why? Suddenly they are more generous with CoD than they would be for Bethesda games.

Do you realize that Sony didn't come in asking for specifically three years more? They didn't come up with the number. They obviously don't ever want the game to go. XBox are the ones that offered only three additional years. The talks of them trying to look better so that regulations don't prevent acquisitions makes a lot of sense since CoD, the most recognized multiplatform game to the general public alongside Minecraft, is the one being shown off to not be exclusive for as long.

It's so obvious that users are ignoring the reality of this behavior and not telling us how it is just because of a preference. Much lesser evil things done by competitors get harped on much worse than this actual act of bad business that affects all of us directly.

If you're trying to argue they just have to negotiate for more years for free, then obviously Sony will already be doing that. This is about how much would it cost them when they no longer offer it for free. Which, again is easily relatable to how big this case is for regulators to allow the acquisition.

Army_of_Darkness78d ago

If COD goes exclusive, sales and player count will drop.

Godmars29078d ago

Sony admits what? That Activision was most popular, sold the most, on their platforms despite during the 360 era COD along with Halo defined that console?

This is odd all around. Unless Overwatch took off on the PS3/4, became Activision's lead product, while COD declined.

If anything this speaks more of system momentum, of which the PS4 defiantly overtook the XB1.

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Crows9079d ago

Hence why they shouldn't be bought out by a competitor who only gains to keep them off other platforms and to annoy the largest base of players who had been enjoying the games on PlayStation.

JayRyu78d ago

Go tell that to Sony! Please ask them why they are paying for 2 years of exclusivity on Forespoken or why Final Fantasy 7 Remake has nor been released on any "other platforms" while you're at it? Thanks

-Foxtrot78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


No offence but if your competition just bought 2 MASSIVE publishers then no wonder they have done that...

It's a reaction

Microsoft set the ball rolling

HardKnockKid2478d ago

@foxtrot the first publisher purchase happened at the beginning of this gen, how do you explain the Sony exclusivity deals from the whole PS4 gen. FF7 remake Ring a bell?

Sony set the ball rolling

DarkZane78d ago

@JayRyu and @HardKnockKid24

I am almost certain that even if Sony had never paid for an exclusive deal, it still wouldn't release on Xbox. Xbox doesn't make SE much money at all with japanese games.

Fluke_Skywalker78d ago

@JayRyu Sony has always had semi exclusive deals with Squenix, and Forespoken has no history or pre-existing fan base (and could even possibly be shite anyway) so that's not the same as taking a huge multiplat game with pre-existing fans on other platforms and making it exclusive.

Crows9078d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I would love to but I'm not in any position to do any kind of that communication. I personally hate timed exclusives but Sony has a history of actually funding these projects and making them happen versus what's going on with Microsoft. If PlayStation or Microsoft decide to fund the project to create a new time splitters or a remake of time splitters I'm perfectly on board and happy about that. And if that publisher decides that they are making an exclusive to their platform because they're paying for the whole project then that's fine. But to go and start buying existing IP that I've been enjoyed by the majority of people on PlayStation is just messed up. And then going ahead and making those titles exclusive currently or down the line is even worse. It's no longer timed bullcrap it's real bullcrap.

I'm not sure why you're so bent about forspoken. That game looks like crap.

HardKnockKid2478d ago

@ DarkZane, the PS and Xbox architectures are so similar it is almost effortless to port between the two platforms. Are you telling me that if I could effortlessly make an extra few million dollars it wouldn’t be worth it to port? They were most certainly paid

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WiiU-Dude78d ago

I wouldn't count on that. Microsoft had more money than Sony and Nintendo combined several times over. If Microsoft wanted to see how things shakedown in making COD Xbox exclusive and not be overly concerned with the money lost in the short term's Microsoft.

MADGameR78d ago

SONY already blocked COD.

MadLad78d ago

Keep hearing that.
Keep being shown more and more information that indicates that statement won't be accurate not too long down the road.

neutralgamer199278d ago


That's so stupid that you will compare a studio being bought for $250 million (insomniac) to Microsoft buying Activision for almost $70 billion

And maybe you haven't noticed but Sony has started to put games on PC

DarkZane78d ago

Insomniac was making games exclusively for playstation 90% of the time. It was definitely not the same thing, since they've bought a studio that were already making games solely for them anyway.

Microsoft just bought 2 publishers, which isn't the same thing. Sony only reacted with Bungie after Microsoft did that.

Sony bought studios before, but most, if not all of them were making games for them exclusively already, so I say that it's okay.

Also, you know the rumor about Sony buying Square-Enix that keeps popping around? It's probably happening at some point. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

neutralgamer199278d ago


Exactly but I don't like this mindset of some Xbox fanboys. I own a XSX and I don't like these practices

People don't realize these acquisitions mean we will have to buy multiple consoles now just to game. Buying studios is fine but buying publishers should be off limit. Phil Spencer is also a hypocrite because he said he wants more gamers to be able to play yet starfield is exclusive

If Sony buys square and or Capcom and make those games exclusives that means someone like me has no choice but to invest in PS5

But we can't all unite as gamers because we are so ready to defend these billion dollar companies

itsmebryan78d ago

Microsoft would love to take all PS owners money. Why wouldn't they?


should remain multiplat but will probably not be the case.

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Orchard79d ago

Interesting that iOS and Android are bigger than PS and Xbox, I would've expected console Warzone to be bigger.

Either way, it sounds like MS are in for a strong, stable & varied income stream w/ their Activision purchase.

Between COD and Minecraft, they may even be the highest earning publisher on PlayStation which is funny.

glennhkboy79d ago

Mobile gaming (iOS + Android) is the biggest gaming platform outside of US market.

Redemption-6479d ago

Nope, Activision + Bethesda + Xbox combined all make less than Playstation

GamerRN78d ago

Not sure where you get that info from, but you are very wrong. Microsoft gaming division has made more profit despite lower market share than PlayStation.

DeusFever78d ago

It will all collapse into Xbox and for the short term, Microsoft’s gaming revenue is negative as they just spent $80B.

Redemption-6478d ago


Where are you getting your information from. MS doesn't report of Xbox profits, seriously when did they do that. They just had their biggest year with Xbox at $16B, Playstation is currently sitting at $24B and that is with them unable to meet demand, if am not mistaken and you somehow think 16>24. In their acquisition post, MS was quick to point out, they will be in 3rd place, revenue wise behind Tencent and Sony.

DarkZane78d ago


That would be wrong. In 2018, Sony made more money from PSN alone (yes, just PSN), then the entirety of Microsoft and Nintendo's entire gaming divisions combined. I am almost certain that this pretty much hasn't changed in 4 years.

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darkrider79d ago

Maybe, maybe not. This could also mean the declined of the Cod franchise....

Crows9079d ago

Honestly that wouldnt be so bad.

Gamingsince198179d ago

I dont think COD would die but it will lose a lot of players I imagine, some will just play on pc , a few may move to xbox but not that many.

MajorLazer78d ago

MW2 will be the last hurrah.

1Victor78d ago

Also remember that Sony owns the professional tournaments they ban CoD and it’s popularity will severely drop down.
Well halo didn’t kill CoD, KillZone didn’t kill CoD

It looks like Microsoft will be the one to kill CoD by making it exclusive to Xbox and PC 🤦🏿

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S2Killinit78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

MS + Activision and the rest of their studios are a smaller gaming division than Sony’s studios. So no, they will not be the highest earning publisher on Playstation.

Also, this was before Sony purchased Bungie, and the other studios they bought after that.

Orchard78d ago

Not sure that is an accurate statement, Minecraft + COD + Warzone makes more than 1st party Sony titles do each year.

But if it were true, then no reason the purchase shouldn't be allowed to proceed - isn't anti-competitive at all.


The title of this article says SONY was Activision's largest customer. "330°
Sony was Activision Blizzard’s largest customer by revenue in 2020" So IOS and Android are bigger than xbox.

Orchard78d ago

And if you had actually read the article, it says in 2021, iOS and Android overtook PS.

DeusFever78d ago

Apple makes more $ from gaming than the big three combined.

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HannibalLecter78d ago

Orchard do you ever stop hanging from that MS teet? Seriously wondering cause everytime you post I can picture you just swinging from it.
Just looking at your votes, it's like everyone else except a handful of people feel the same way. Like people just roll their eyes as soon as your name pops up and hit that down vote without even reading your regurgitated MS teet milk.

78d ago
78d ago
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Knushwood Butt79d ago

That's weird what with Xbox owners buying so many games.

Orchard79d ago

You do realize the majority of the revenue on both platforms is from the free to play Warzone and has nothing to do with game sales, right?

The iOS and Android games (which outperform PS and Xbox) are also free to play.

crazyCoconuts78d ago

"sales" from an accounting perspective are probably including all the in-game purchases from that channel, so it's still probably relevant

78d ago
aaronaton79d ago

Two things here, it just shows how far Xbox has fallen to lose ground to PlayStation over Call of Duty (which was one of the main reasons the 360 did so well early on)
secondly, I'm tired of PlayStation relying on 3rd party for online experiences, they need to get back to 1st party, with the likes of SOCOM, Warhawk, Killzone, Resistance etc etc
There is this strange paradox that somehow Playstation thinks these games aren't popular, when they don't even exist in the market!

Witchcraft79d ago

Sony is just playing it safe. Not long ago they were in deep sh*t and now they're simply risk-averse. Uncharted worked, God of War worked, so now they're making TPP action-adventure games. Jim would make Polyphony make another Assassin's Creed clone if he could.

Risk aversion is exactly why Ryan is pushing for PC parity (day one PC releases for everything, as soon as possible) and GaaS.

Crows9079d ago

Um playing it safe? Singleplayer games are a huge risk.

northpaws78d ago

VR is a also a risk, MS is the one playing it safe, they buy out big publishers, and push for subscription for stable income so they don't need to take risk each game.

tay870179d ago

i generally dont like multiplayer games but i would LOVE for them to revive resistance and killzone series. they are sitting on a goldmine of multiplayer IPs resistance, killzone, socom, warhawk and mag.

ApocalypseShadow79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Let's be real. Under the guise of "protecting the console game industry from companies outside it," with no actual proof that those companies were interested in buying, that those companies wouldn't then still make multiplatform games because there's money to be made on all platforms...

Microsoft goes and buys multiplatform PUBLISHERS, that made more money on PlayStation to either, make money off of Sony's run away sales. (Because we have seen every NPD where 3rd parties made more on PlayStation.) Or, take those franchises away from Sony because they're rich enough to monopolize the industry. Same company that joined in Sony's lawsuit with Immersion to make a profit off of the lawsuit. (You never seen Sony or Nintendo join in to make money off of a Microsoft lawsuit. But you'll hear the whataboutism anyway.)

It's not like they could compete with Sony on high quality games when they were worth 1 TRILLION. They still aren't competing at equal levels being worth 2 TRILLION with no releases for 2022. Or spending a half a billion on their biggest franchise that ended up unfinished and full of mtx. Had to give away the multiplayer because the base has diminished from such low quality releases of the franchise.

Microsoft knows that they couldn't compete. So they pulled out the checkbook to cut into sales. Then, give away those games in a cheap service grooming gamers on the idea that buying games is expensive, waiting to buy if you can't afford it is so 90s, or tangible, physical ownership. You've seen the "is it on game pass?" I'll wait until it's on game pass or $10." You've seen it. You've seen how they used MLB against Sony with buyers on sinus system compared to the "It's free/not free on game pass." No "I can't wait to BUY that game. Nope. Groomed and influenced towards subscriptions. Two actually. On top of each other. Even cloud play isn't free. It's part of the service. Not free like remote play. But hey.

Yup. Microsoft. Same monopolistic company under the guise of pro consumer. Ain't nothing changed. But the fans would say it's great for the industry for one player to buy it all up.

alb189979d ago

But SONY pays for games and feature not to be on XBOX..... what's the difference?
When they did that they forgot the power of MS as a company.