Microsoft: WGX Is Not A Re-Branding Of Games For Windows

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Yesterday I reported that Microsoft sent me a Christmas card that was promoting a logo for something called the Windows Gaming eXperience instead of the expected Games for Windows mark.

I had figured out that WGX is an internal group, but still wondered what it meant that Microsoft was showing the logo in the card.

A spokesperson for the company has notified me that I shouldn't over-think it. The company is not re-branding Games for Windows:

'Windows Gaming eXperience (WGX) is an internal Microsoft group encompassing all of Microsoft's Windows gaming efforts, including Games for Windows, Games for Windows – LIVE, MSN Games and Windows Live Messenger Games. While Games for Windows falls under WGX, WGX is strictly an internal group, and in no way a rebranding of Games for Windows.'"

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