The Division: Heartland Rated in South Korea, Possibly Releasing Soon

The Division: Heartland and The Callisto Protocol ratings have been rated in South Korea, hinting at a release soon.

SinisterMister539d ago

Got high hopes for Heartland. Really hope it doesn't suck.

ramtah538d ago

well it is free to play so i assume there will be microtransactions and what not

ocelot07538d ago

Free to play games can be fun if done correctly. If the microtransactions are simply for skins and not stupid gambling boxes. Then I'm absolutely fine with this. It's why I enjoy the likes of Rocket League, Fall Guys, Among Us (mobile), Fortnite, Warzone.

SinisterMister538d ago

Microtransactions are another thing, and absolute bogus gameplay with a hard pass-type combat mechanics is another.


The Division: Heartland Gets Rated PG-15 For All Platforms In Taiwan

Violence, inappropriate language, and anti-society themes have been cited.

95d ago
HyperMoused94d ago

In game adds with this one also?


The Division Heartland: Closed Beta Community Update

The Closed Beta Test for The Division Heartland starts on June 27.


The Division 2 Gets Year 5 Roadmap While Heartland Is Still in Testing Phase

In The Division day, The Division 2 received a detailed Year 5 roadmap. Ubisoft also shared updates about Heartland and Resurgence.

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MehmetAlperTR315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I've got error when i tried to download games on my ubisoft connect account ( PC ) .. Microsoft Visual C++ error. It's fatal error can't download any game on my library. Literally my accounts are dead right now. Anyone is getting same error ? Checked the internet and tried everything including clean format. But no use on Windows 11 Pro ( licenced ) .. Strange thing is i reported the issue to the ubisoft last saturday and they didn't turn back yet!!!

P_Bomb315d ago

Man that sucks! Did some co-op today but on console. Hope you can get back on.