The Division: Heartland Rated in South Korea, Possibly Releasing Soon

The Division: Heartland and The Callisto Protocol ratings have been rated in South Korea, hinting at a release soon.

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SinisterMister88d ago

Got high hopes for Heartland. Really hope it doesn't suck.

ramtah88d ago

well it is free to play so i assume there will be microtransactions and what not

ocelot0787d ago

Free to play games can be fun if done correctly. If the microtransactions are simply for skins and not stupid gambling boxes. Then I'm absolutely fine with this. It's why I enjoy the likes of Rocket League, Fall Guys, Among Us (mobile), Fortnite, Warzone.

SinisterMister87d ago

Microtransactions are another thing, and absolute bogus gameplay with a hard pass-type combat mechanics is another.