WorthPlayine Preview: Final Fantasy Dissidia

While Kingdom Hearts was a fun game on its own, it originally sold itself on being a massive crossover title. It wasn't just the Disney worlds that attracted people, though, but also the introduction of a wide crossover between various Final Fantasy games, allowing players to see characters like Squall and Cloud interact for the first time. However, that was really just a sideshow to the Disney-based adventures of Sora and pals, so hardcore Final Fantasy fans were left waiting for a true crossover. Twelve games and countless spin-offs into the series, the Final Fantasy cast is finally getting a crossover game of its very own with the PSP's Dissidia: Final Fantasy. It may not be exactly what people were expecting, but Dissidia is a love letter to Square-Enix's fans and is shaping up to be a fairly good game in its own right.

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