Stuff: Killzone 2 Preview

Stuff writes:

"Opening with a kind of futuristic, airborne, Saving Private Ryan-style beach landing, my first hands-on foray with Killzone 2 didn't last much longer than a few seconds.

Them Helghast are good shots! Dismounting our crash-landed transport, me and my buddies found a trio of the black-and-oranges around the first corner, and I just stood there like a Muppet as they showed me that he who hesitates, in the immortal words of Murray Mexted, is lost."

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Jager3677d ago

There, guess people can shut up about the AI now eh?

Why o why3677d ago

WANTED! please send in your gripe as we are running out;)

yanikins1113677d ago

umm how about we dont get to play it until feb?

Mr Tretton3677d ago

yup. And of course, this will be whispered into the wind