PlayStation Home: Sales Stats No Figures And Home is making money... apparently

Susan Panico, senior director of the Playstation Network, has been spreading lovely, seasonal snow all over the Seattle Post Intelligencer regarding the smashing things happening on Home.

Susan was prepared with beautiful statistics to show that Home is bubbling along like a bucks fizz on Crimble Day morning, yet she had somehow forgotten to bring actual hard figures. But that didn't stop her from telling Spong all wonderful tales of Home such as:

"Virtual goods priced from 49 cents to $4.99 have generated more revenue for Sony than PS3 movies and video priced up to $14.99 generated in their first week".

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OGharryjoysticks3586d ago

I wish I had the cowboy hat for 49 cents but it costs 49 cents :(

The Killer3586d ago

i prefer something i can hold!

but HOME is something cool, it will be good if AMAZON and GAMES shops to open a shop in HOME, or something like virtual gaming shop that u can order from instead u have to go to the shop and order ur games from!! i think HOME can be SO huge and will generate so much cash for sony and that will help them to compete with prices even more, and also will help the ps4 to have a better star!!

Mozilla893586d ago

But hey fortunately I got all the stuff I wanted from the store for free!

Captain Tuttle3586d ago

She wants Home to be like HBO? A premium service that you have to pay extra for?

GarandShooter3586d ago

Perhaps she meant identifiable by content, as can be done with HBO original programming.

CViper3586d ago

I hate stuff for me to spend my money on.

Because I'll spend it ;(

Danja3586d ago

haha same here I spent $15 in HOME this week..and I can assure you I'll be spending more..over-time..:(

Nineball21123586d ago

From the article...

"Yup, mute the filthy buggers. That will stop you seeing them dancing in your face. How about a 'kick them in the nuts' function?"

That would be a useful function!

Jager3586d ago

ah, but what if the said Filthy bugger was a female?

And would those few pervs out there truly want to stop the said dancing female infront of them? :P

Why o why3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

dont buy it as there is NO price barrier to use or enter ps HOME as its FREE. For those that are into buying virtual goods its a sweet place to do it. IF you have ANY idea what types and the amounts of transactions happening in second life, you'll see that sony can and will generate a whole heap of cash even without the level of sophistication. Home will get better for sure and sony kinda knew this long before they released it. Ive got 15 invites a day for people trying to join my club in home (without a real club search feature). The interest in home is growing by the hour and its still in its fledgling stage.


yeah, that or a smack in the face function

Nineball21123586d ago

Yeah, either might work...

On topic: I'm just not too much into buying DLC unless it's part of an actual game. I have bought a few things here and there, like new characters... but, meh...

I doubt I'll be part of the 20% buying lots of stuff in Home.

Stubacca3586d ago

I spent 20 bucks on Home and am totally happy. It's still a great service if you don't wanna fork out. But I do and I'm happy I can.

I wish they'd hurry up with music/photos/videos/wallpapers for your Homespace. I'd also like more variety with the free clothing you start with.

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The story is too old to be commented.