PlayStation: Xbox's Call of Duty offer was "inadequate on many levels"

PlayStation calls Xbox Call of Duty offer inadequate

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SoulWarrior80d ago

And this is why you can never believe a word that comes out of Phil's mouth, I'll give it until the end of this gen at the leatest until they pull it from PS, and I can't say I'm surprised by this at all, nobody spends 70 billion to help their direct competition forever and Phil was always tiptoeing around this with his wording lol.

z2g80d ago

the dude saved xbox. i absolutely believe everything out of his mouth. sony just wants their cake and to eat it too. you think sony would be this gracious? after jacking up prices on pretty much everything and still holding back on their subscription services?

SoulWarrior80d ago

"you think sony would be this gracious?"

*looks at the bungie deal* yeah potentially.

VenomUK80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Following Sony revealing that Bungie would remain multiplatform Microsoft released a statement in February, on the Microsoft corporate blog where it said it was committed to keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation. However, if Sony's claims are true that Microsoft's offer actually is to actually keep Call of Duty for a limited period of time, just three extra years beyond the PlayStation partnership agreement, then this was a false and misleading statement to both the gaming community and the anti-competitiveness trade bodies around the world.

"To be clear, Microsoft will continue to make Call of Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles available on PlayStation through the term of any existing agreement with Activision. And we have committed to Sony that we will also make them available on PlayStation beyond the existing agreement and into the future so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love."

The statement "into the future" made EVERYONE believe forever - but ultimately this was that grubby corporate salesman wordplay.

Also, Phil Spencer's words here: " I confirmed our intent to honor all existing agreements upon acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation."

crazyCoconuts80d ago

I mean he talks about the spirit of keeping COD multi platform but only guarantees it for a certain number of years. He's trying to get the deal to go through but keep options open for MS to leverage their exclusive IP down the road. I'm not a Phil fan in general but I wouldn't expect anything different from any executive acting on behalf of his shareholders. It's just business

JBplusVB80d ago

As I've been saying, Phil is taking Xbox all the way to the top. First everyone saying Bethesda aquisition doesn't matter, which it certainly does. Now the Activision/Blizzard deal. Why on earth would they keep the games on PS forever? Sony lost out and they know it. That's why they raised the price of the PS5. They know after God of War Ragnarok comes out that will be the last great game the PS5 will ever see. The writings been on the wall.

darthv7280d ago

Easy solution... Sony needs to let xcloud work on the PS browser. I can use it on my steamdeck... why not a PS5?
No having to install big ass game files. Just open the browser and sign in to xcloud and play. And people wont have to buy the game, they can play it (and others) as part of gamepass ultimate. Problem solved.

crazyCoconuts80d ago

@darth: your "easy" solution is to turtle up and give a competitor access to your platform and revenue stream. Wrong wrong wrong.

darthv7280d ago

@crazy... "give a competitor access to your platform" ..... [looks at Minecraft]...

so what's the problem?

-Foxtrot80d ago

Why would you believe Phil


"Exclusives are not what gaming is all about"

Then 3 months later

"Microsoft Buys Zenimax"

Many, many months later

"Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard"

I mean...he's a bullshit liar

darkrider80d ago

Saved. Omg. No games at launch, no games now, force to buy publishers to have games, even after already having tons of studios. Saved... What Microsoft want is the monopoly of videogaming. Easy to see. Can't beat them, buy them.

Christopher80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

*** i absolutely believe everything out of his mouth.***

No matter how heroic the individual is, this should never be said about anyone. Especially not anyone who has the job of running a business, not going off and saving lives and nations from dire threats.

***you think sony would be this gracious?***

When was the last time Sony bought a third-party company and prevented future games from going onto other platforms?

Hypothetically, do I think if Sony was buying up Activision that they would want to use it to get more people on their platform? I absolutely think they would. But I also think they can't and likely haven't even considered it because they'd rather buy smaller teams that cater to their image and work with major third-party companies rather than own and have to manage them. Even with the deals they've made (like Bungie) they insist on maintaining those games on the platforms on which they were and future games out of them to be on other platforms as well. They've only ever limited access for New IPs they own or marketing deals with third-parties that are timed.

Microsoft is making big waves by doing things no one else in the console hardware industry has done before. Buying up two major third-party publishers and development studios under those publishers. This isn't "normal" discussion material or hypothetical land because, hypothetically, it's the first of its kind. This isn't software buying software to have more software, this is hardware and platform provider buying up software to encourage more people to move to their hardware and platforms.

TheLigX80d ago

Another dope stanning for monopolistic practices. lol boot-licker vibe is strong with you.

darthv7280d ago

okay... if people dont like the browser / xcloud idea, how about Jim just pays more $$ to MS. If they didnt have a problem doing that with Activision, they certainly shouldnt have a problem paying MS now. All contracts are negotiable. They just need to hash it out.

CaptainHenry91680d ago (Edited 80d ago )


"They know after God of War Ragnarok comes out that will be the last great game the PS5 will ever see. The writings been on the wall."

Whatever drugs you are on, can you please give me some. I like to think I'm delusional sometimes. These desperate comments are comical

Profchaos80d ago

I agree he's done some incredible things but he's a business man ans representative of ms they don't like to lose and have a track record showing they will be pro consumer when threatened but anti when they are at the top.

Kakashi Hatake80d ago

Holding back on their subscription service? Sony has a stronger market position than Microsoft so they don't have to blow billions of dollars to stay competitive. Why should they if their games sell well? Sony also doesn't have the money to fund the AAA experiences we want and give them away. If you're going to cry about having to actually buy games, get a different hobby or play games only on Gamepass. Don't expect competitors to follow the ones desperate to catch up.

sinspirit80d ago

Phil did nothing to save XBox. In fact, he has been behind a multitude of the poor decisions XBox was in charge of under Microsoft. He only made it to his position because everyone else was the fall guys for simply enforcing Microsoft's policy.

Phil was in charge of Europe gaming divisions. Under his guidance we had what were originally legendary gaming studios become shadows of their former selves(Lionhead and Rare). They were then made to focus on Kinect games in 2008-2010 timeline. He was promoted to director of games following Kinect's financial success because the hype train was immense. So he is the Kinect guy behind the initial push and shift of game focus from core gamers in the first place. He gets shoved into the XBox head role because he was the next in line and MS did not have him put on a stage to talk about the decisions they were having XBox make, so luckily no bad pr for him. He wasn't particularly chosen out of real substance. Again, throughout all of XBox One's lifespan he screwed core games over and continues to overhype and fail promises. Then he carries this again through to this generation. The excuse that spanned over all of the XBox One's generation was that his predecessors were to blame, yada yada. Even 5 years in. And, the funny thing is he was in charge of all gaming divisions since his promotion in 2010. So, in fact the game drought and deterioration has always been him. It's still him. We have it worse than it's ever been and continue waiting and waiting. Good faith going on this long is just silly. I don't like being gaslit, mislead, or strung along by what should be an enjoyable hobby. Like whatever platform you like. That's fine. But, I can't wrap my head around praising a guy like this like he has been just because of some stage appeal and acting like a real gamer.

Crows9080d ago

Saved? How so?
He was just someone other than Don.

Since he took over there has been studio closures. IP failures and cancellations. Not a single new studio formed that has released a good new game or IP. Existing IP have been stale. He has switched gears and bought out a bunch of multiplatform IP in order to make them permanently exclusive which screws about 70% of the gaming base. He's doubled down on digital and subscriptions services. And he's gone all in on exclusives day 1 for pc...what exactly has he saved?

He's killed the reason to own an Xbox. Xbox is now an irrelevant console. Gamepass has replaced it.

EvertonFC80d ago

Jacking up prices ? Take into account series X uses 15X more electricity in sleep mode than PS5 at £177 a year compared to PS5 sleep mode £17 a year.
I'm saving money compared to series X

JBplusVB80d ago

@Captain Henry, Hope you are still on here in a few years. Of course I wish you nothing but good health and great games. You may think I am on drugs but I am not. We will have a discussion after God of War hype dies down. You and I both know that Sony is sailing their ship right into a storm. You PS gamers are going to be so shocked when they literally have nothing to offer. I can even see them raising their game prices to 80$, that's how desperate a situation Sony is in. 5 years from now Sony will be out of the picture completely.

anast79d ago

I'm jealous of your downvote count. I think 126 is the highest I've seen yet.

Shikoku79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Spencer just shifted MS focus but their push to make everything digital make no mistake is still there, that's why game pass exists because they want to be the Netflix of gaming and if the current state of streaming services isn't teaching people anything then I don't know what will.

79d ago
Babadook779d ago

What I am concerned over, is whether MS can keep themselves from seriously gimping the PS versions. And when they do, there will be no way to prove they did so. But if you look at their history (Halo 1 Mac and other examples) they tend to gimp their competition even when they are contractually obligated not to.

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itsmebryan80d ago

According to the people on this site no one plays COD anymore anyway. What's the problem?

Eonjay80d ago

You never heard me say that. I play COD nearly every other day. Its one of the games in my rotation. I don't buy all of them. The last one I got was Cold War as Black Ops is the series I play the most. Since 2014 I have purchased every COD except for WWII and Vanguard.

rippermcrip80d ago

Look, if anyone said that, they're clearly fanboys of some sort. COD is the best selling shooter of all time and as of June 2022, it had sold 25 million copies in the previous year.

Desperadoo80d ago

According to Phil exclusives dont matter... why not keep COD on PS?

darkrider80d ago

60 % + play it on Sony machines

Binarycode80d ago

Yep it's the same thing over and over.

BF ruined it's latest game.

Not many other shooters ppl are interested in.

Crows9080d ago

Yeah sure. Just like people say no one plays phone games.

I'm pretty sure you misinterpreted the people on the site

EvertonFC80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It'll be the best game of all time come MS completion from the Xbox fanboys pmsl.
I also thought gamers preferred a physical disk, yet a free copy on GP to download is perfectly fine now.
How one changes there mind lol

Father__Merrin80d ago

I play COD yearly mabey it's the voices in the head you heard that from?

ChubbyBlade79d ago

The people on this site are very disconnected from reality.

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DOMination-80d ago

The offer on the table was that MS would keep it on PS for as long as the current deal runs for (believed to be up to and including 2024). After that, it is their right as owner of the IP to do whatever they want with it.

Eonjay80d ago

That was the offer but publically they said that they plan to keep COD on PlayStation beyond the current Sony/Activision deal. Of course this was to cast a good light on themselves in light of the aquisition investigations.

Asuka80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Tbh I wouldn't believe any the crap regardless which company is spewing it. Just tired of all of it.

aconnellan80d ago

“And this is why you can never believe a word that comes out of Phil's mouth”

What did he lie about?

darkrider80d ago

Everything since day one. Just Google it. Phil Spencer is the typical second hand car salesman. He will say whatever to sell something. From the power of the cloud, to the exclusives, sales don't matter, sp games are dead. The list is huge. But now we see the real plan.

brewin80d ago

He didn't, some are just saying stuff cuz they're upset. 3 years after the current agreement that ends when?2024?! So they're going to keep it on PlayStation until 2027 at least? Id say that's pretty generous considering they've no obligation to do so. What this all essentially means is that we're heading toward a more streamlined console future. We may still have Xboxs and PlayStation branded consoles, but all the software may be playable on them all.

sparky7780d ago

You are right he didn't lie, it's just no one wanted to believe it was a possibility.

Now that it's out in the open the pitchforks are out.

80d ago Replies(2)
Desperadoo80d ago

still waiting on Phil Spence to deliver on games.... not games he bought companies for but games from MS...

Phil says what gamers want to hear to get on there good side..its how he Markets

Phil two faced

Outside_ofthe_Box80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

"Phil two faced"

Phil broke out the check to purchase Activision. If he wants to keep it exclusive to Xbox and PC that's his decision as they own them now. There is nothing wrong with that from a business perspective. From a gaming perspective that's a different story which is why you don't go around saying stuff like this to paint a certain picture:

"I’ll just say to players out there who are playing Activision Blizzard games on Sony’s platform: It’s not our intent to pull communities away from that platform and we remained committed to that"

Like you said Two Faced Phil.

darthv7280d ago (Edited 80d ago )

@Desperadoo... why don't you come to your senses

@Outside, two faced Jim also applies. I don't need to bring up his 'generations' comment as everyone knows that one.

Bottom line is these guys are suits. They have shareholders to answer to as well as the upper level management. this business is fluid, always in a state of flux. what happens one day can be totally reversed the next. You never want to take everything as the gospel.

Lightning7780d ago

They don't need to pull COD away from PS. Putting it on gamepass day one with all the DLC is enough for Xbox. Especially when the game will be 70$ on PS5.

darthv7280d ago

they can do that as well as put it on xcloud. By developing for xcloud (based on series x), they wont have to develop it for other hardware. And anyone with a web browser (or dedicated app) could play it, including the PS6, 7, 8... etc. I have found xcloud works really well for my steamdeck.

Necr0philiac80d ago

Sony fanboys try so hard. Its embarrassing. They try to spin everything MS related like they think its going to change someone's feelings about them. All they accomplish is pumping up the other sony cheerleaders. I just comes off as crying to me at least.

shinoff218380d ago

You right necro you do come off as crying.

porkChop80d ago

You won't believe Phil but you'll believe Jim Ryan who hasn't told the truth once since before this gen even started.

80d ago
strifeblade80d ago ShowReplies(2)
1Victor80d ago

The first shot has been fired and so begins the great consoles war.
Do not be surprised if Sony retaliate by not supporting Xbox with destiny when their contract expires and keeping all other titles away from Xbox.

This is a great lost for everyone as now Sony will have to shop around for more developers maybe publishers to counter balance Microsoft attempt to monopolize the gaming industry and Xbox players without 3rd party games they used to play in the pass. Capcom, Sega and many Japanese developers are in the table for Sony developers that would close their doors before letting a western mega corporation buy them.

ABizzel179d ago

This is a waste of time and energy from Sony. They already should have known Phil, moreso MS, was not going to let COD just live freely when they can attempt to get 10 - 30 million gamers to instantly consider going Xbox/GamePass for Call of Duty alone. This is business.

Instead of going back and forth with MS, Sony needs to be investing in Bungie, Deviation Games, and Firewalk to make new AAA shooters, and acquire Deviation and Firewalk to make their own AAA CoD like-game.

anubusgold79d ago

Sony needs to shut up after buying all these exclusive game deals and paying to keep games off gamepass.

MadLad79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Isn't Sony the company that literally pays money just to make sure games don't show up on Xbox?

At least Microsoft actually buys these studios and bankrolls them as 1st party studio.

The moment Sony starts being denied games they act like children and say how it's unfair.

79d ago
MegaLogic79d ago

Not only are Sony and the their fans hypocrites, they're also cry babies, who would have guessed?! Lol. Pathetic beyond belief on Sony's part.

neutralgamer199279d ago

Ging is changing right in front of our very eyes

Phil said we want these games on all GP platforms meaning their goal is to have GP on PlayStation and Nintendo if those platforms want their games

But this isn't good for gamers because now Sony and Nintendo may end up making acquisitions and keeping those games away from Xbox so the whole concept of one box play all games might be coming to an end fast

And those who think Ms can flex because of their budget better be careful because a company like Sony may agree to merge with apple or Amazon to compete against Ms/Xbox

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Orchard80d ago

If Jim feels it was so inadequate... how about coughing up the money to buy it yourself? MS were being nice, they're under zero obligation to keep this game on your platform.

northpaws80d ago

Being nice lol, they had to or it probably can't pass anti-competition laws. Sony is also under zero obligation to not do something to keep CoD on PlayStation longer. It is just business.

MadLad79d ago

They honored every deal had made previous to acquiring studios now under them.
They could have easily not honored the Kickstarter promises made for Psychonauts 2 and easily given themselves an Xbox only GOTY contender.
They didn't do it.

They could have easily cancelled the Deathloop timed exclusivity, or even make cut a PlayStation release all together, and have another GOTY contender there as well.

Sony literally pays money JUST to keep games off of Xbox. They don't acquire them. They don't bankroll them. They just pay money to keep games off of Xbox.
Microsoft actually pays to make these studios 1st party.

Sony is getting pathetic this generation. They're supposedly the market leader, and pride themselves on their 1st party releases ... yet break down at the idea of losing a 3rd party title.

80d ago
DeusFever80d ago

Microsoft, the gentle monopolist.

OptimusDK79d ago

Sony is the monopolist putting into agreements that games must not be better on the strongest console
- hint this is not Playstation

crazyCoconuts80d ago

Sony obviously doesn't have the capital to do that. MS needs to be nice right now for the regulators, and Sony wants to play the victim card to prevent it. Whether it's "fair" or not for Xbox to use MS' sizable coffers to buy up the competition so to speak is what's up for debate I guess

80d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box80d ago


Sure, but then don't lie and act your the good guy like Phil is trying to paint. All that talk about trying to protect us from big bad Amazon and Google and how he trusts Sony and Nintendo is hogwash.

They bought Activision and Bethesda before it to get one step closer on being the sole competitor, nothing more nothing less. Don't try to paint as being pro gamer when all you want to do is crush the comp. Own it and say it.

gangsta_red80d ago

Gasp, you mean Phil is running a business? No one is saying what you're claiming.

You guys make up your own arguments to debate. When MS first bought Activision all we heard from the usuals was, "Phil is keeping games off of other consoles!", You all already made up your mind before the ink was even dry.
They have honored all contracts for Sony, if Sony wants to continue to have CoD on PS, A MS OWNED IP, then Sony should negotiate more time.

If not, then play CoD on PC, Xbox or any other streaming device that MS supports, which is more than what Sony offers for their games they keep off of other platforms.

sinspirit80d ago


So.. it's Sony's fault for CoD eventually being exclusive? Not the person buying a major third party publisher/developer and eventually taking multiplatform away?

"which is more than what Sony offers for their games they keep off of other platforms.".. so.. now the argument that their games are coming to PC is gone?

gangsta_red80d ago

"Not the person buying a major third party publisher/developer and eventually taking multiplatform away?"

What is this about multiplatform being taken away, you mean CoD, which will remain on PS for the agreed amount of time between Activision and Sony, plus an extra three years MS has allowed?

"Last week, Xbox revealed that it had "provided a signed agreement to Sony to guarantee Call of Duty on PlayStation, with feature and content parity, for at least several more years" beyond Sony's existing contract with Activision. Xbox said this offer "goes well beyond typical gaming industry agreements."

The current deal between Sony and Activision Blizzard around Call of Duty is believed to cover the next three releases, including this year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."


".. so.. now the argument that their games are coming to PC is gone?"

...No... that's your argument, my statement is MS supports more multiplatforms than Sony ever has.

sinspirit80d ago (Edited 80d ago )


Why are you dodging the question? Telling Sony to negotiate more time for something like it's their fault if it doesn't stay multiplatform. Not how it works when strong-armed. Also, keyword was "eventually taken away". Respond directly. Over-explaining and not responding appropriately doesn't make good argument. The article is right here. Don't explain to me what it says, especially when I have not said otherwise.

They specifically acquired a ton of studios with absolutely major titles just to keep them off of competing platforms unless they agree to support GamePass. Throwing a bone here or there means nothing. Why would anyone let crumbs of good behavior outweigh all the negatives and bad behavior? Sure makes PR easier.

gangsta_red80d ago (Edited 80d ago )


"Eventually taken away"

Since the article is right here, leave the quote that MS says they'll eventually be taking CoD away from Playstation. Because as of right now, Sony and MS can still negotiate a deal past the agreed time.

What we do know is Sony has CoD until 2028, that's damn near the PS5 console life cycle. CoD will have feature content parity across all platforms, that's a lot more generous than what Sony did when they paid for CoD exclusive and timed content.

But I guess in some way you're right, we'll have to wait until 2029 to see if MS will "eventually" take CoD away from PS.

"Why are you dodging the question?"

Again, making up arguments isn't how discussions work. No one said it's Sony's fault. So why ask me a question that I never stated?

"...just to keep them off of competing platforms unless they agree to support GamePass"

Which platforms? Since you're using the plural form I'm assuming there's more than one platform MS is keeping these games off of...and as far as I know... PlayStation is the only platform that some games might not appear on. What are the other ones? Links if you have them.

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OmegaSoldati80d ago

Exactly, Sony is the one who loves an exclusive and now they say this. I'm no fan boy but they are crying.

1Victor80d ago

@ omega Exactly, Sony is the one who loves an exclusive and now they say this. I'm no fan boy but they are crying.

Can you please provide a link or prove that Sony has taken 3rd party games permanently away from Xbox, SONY EXCLUSIVES ARE INTERNALLY MADE OR PURCHASE HIGH RISK FROM 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS example little big planet was a high risk game refused by both Nintendo and Microsoft.
Did sony buy permanently exclusive for madden or fifa just to keep it away from Xbox? No, that’s what’s been talk about.

JEECE80d ago

Well, technically they are under an existing contractual obligation to keep it there for awhile.