XBL Radio Podcast ver 37.0 "Be Our Valentine"

Ver 37 Highlights:

-MS to off incentive for ACHEIVEMENTS.
-Apple wants an end to DRM. Is this DUM?
-No Unreal Engine on the Wii.
-Todd Rogers (from Chasing Ghosts) discusses the life of a gaming guru.

-Tekken for the PS3. But no Online Play. Does the PS3 have online play?
-Xbox 360 to have full 1080p in game graphics on the court.
-Will Girls Go Wild for Pocket Pool? If so there is hope for gamers this Valentines Day.
-Steve519 Commands and Conquers an interview for the p.c. to 360 port.


-EA vs 2K Hockey 07: Join TOG and CT as they talk about the differences between the two major Hockey titles for the 360. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Or does one game score a GOAL!!!
- KID PIX: SUPERMAN RETURNS. Join Joey (Gui J's kid) as we find out if the man of steel can knock Viva Piñata from the best game ever status!


Gamer Andy joins The Marketplace Minute®, with GUI J to discuss all the happenings on LIVE and why RootBeerTapper will not be the major story on

Useless Tips®
Console Crimes®
Contest Winner of the lost planet Signed T-Shirt and more on this episode of XBL Radio…

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