CD Projekt: Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have One Major Expansion; Shares Update on New Witcher & Financials

Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher developer CD Projekt announced its financial results for the first half of 2022 and more details about its games.

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RaidenBlack85d ago

CD Projekt expects its new Witcher saga to include ‘more than one game’ and that Witcher 3’s new-gen release is ‘on track’ for late 2022.

Snakeeater2585d ago

Nextgen update On track for late 2022

Cdpr: we’re sorry but we have to delay the update in Q1 2023

MadLad85d ago

It just keeps getting put back.

Don't get me wrong; I have a great PC and have had that version from day one.
But I use my Series S as a travelling partner for work, and would really like an updated version.

VenomCarnage8985d ago

If they push it back again it'll probably be more like "Q3 2023 and we'll make sure to update you on the next delay basically the day before Q3 begins"

I've been waiting on the patch too, been attempting to not play the game again until it's out but when I decided that I didn't think I'd be waiting 3 years for one patch

CDbiggen85d ago

I'd like to think that it's only one DLC that is planned at present, but maybe more will come down the road. Night City deserves more.

MrCrimson85d ago

Depends on how well it sells. I'm interested.

thorstein85d ago

Good to know that they will abandon the game once they "fulfill" their "promises."

Previously: CEO Adam Kicinski. “We strongly believe in the long term potential of this IP. That is why we are currently working on the first expansion for the game—although I cannot say anything more about it at this point in time.”

staticall85d ago

This is sad that they abandon this game so quickly. I remember CD Projekt RED as a company that is persistent.

If anyone had played in their original first Witcher game, before Steam and patches, you would know that is was messy. It had game breaking bugs, random freezes, huge FPS issues and such. But they kept patching it and now it's fully playable.

This is one of the main problems why i kept supporting them, because i knew that they would fix any problems and finish the product, no matter how long it would take. And that's why i'm so sadden that they're just running away with their tail between their legs.

IMO, all those investments, engagement, metrics, etc are slowly killing game companies. At least that's how it looks to me. I know that company is getting more money, but that's the only thing they care, instead of keeping the support, they just abandon, because PR is bad, engagement is down, sales are lower than expectations. Instead of making the great interesting product that will sell, all they do is targetting metrics and saving as much money as possible (like on good QA and bugfixes; because bug fixing doesn't bring any money), to maximize the bonuses of top management.

Sorry for the rant, just sad to see when such great company turns into this mess.

Aussiesummer84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

They've realised that they are crap at anything but the witcher so they are going back to it, wise move.