Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008

MarkyX from TrueGameHeadz writes:

"With the awful Spike TV VGA concluded, us gamers are now able to reflect back on a rather interesting year for video games. Long awaited sequels like "Gears of War 2" curb-stomped their way into our homes, and the shareholders at Rockstar celebrated the release of "Grand Theft Auto 4." But, much like any kid who waited months for that special toy on their birthday only to be disappointed once they got it, gamers also follow the same path.

So, here is the Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008. The rules are quite simple: any game that I, Marky X, was personally hyped about, and then it didn't meet my standards will be on here. This means games like "Crysis," "Far Cry 2," "Dead Space," "Metal Gear Solid 4," and "Tomb Raider" won't be on this list, because I didn't care about them in the first place.

10 – Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

I won't give a history lesson on this game, as I'm sure if you're reading this, you know about the franchise's impact on not only the arcade scene but organized gaming competitions as well.

When Capcom announced a "Street Fighter" "HD Remix" with online play, balance changes, and easier controls, I couldn't wait. I really enjoyed the concept and character designs of the "Street Fighter," but couldn't really get into it because controls were such a pain in the ass.

That wasn't the case. The game is still unbalanced, as Ryu and Ken are grossly overused, but now the ex-banned Akuma breaks into the scene as the third most used character in the game. Controls are still horrid, as some moves are still hard to execute, especially with some of the charge characters being harder than it was on the SNES D-pad days. At least the netcode is pretty damn good.

9 – Mario Kart Wii

When the Wii version was announced with the Wheel and online play, I couldn't wait. I have a MOMO Steering Wheel, and it does add to the experience of any racing game, and playing "Mario Kart" against people around the world was something I've dreamed about since the SNES days.

Unfortunately, what I got was a game that had way too many players on the track, and a broken balancing system. Even the pointless drifting is still here, but instead of waggling the stick left and right, while giving the player the illusion of "skill", all you have to do is hold down a button. The tracks are overcrowded with 12 players, making it nearly impossible..."

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GOW2 Multiplayer


um, this is MY personal list, how can you disagree? are you me?

Stubacca3803d ago

I am you. But I agreed.

Good list like. GTA4 was the biggest disappointment. Not immediately, but once you completed the story it felt empty. Not like the 'Living, breathing' city they sold us...

1234567893803d ago

I disagree with every game on that list.

left 4 dead
mario cart
smash brothers

Now these games dissapointed

Gears of war 2 was kind of dissapointing but that is because it was hyped, every hyped game this GEN was "dissapointing" (halo3,gta4, now gears2) what next killzone2? resident evil 5? cod4mw2?

Monchichi0253803d ago

This guy is a total douchebag and knows nothing about gaming. EVERY game he mentions is actually an awesome game! I mean, GOW2, GTA4, L4D are freakin Game of the Year candidates by mostly every other site! NG2 is pretty much a next gen copy of one of the greatest games ever...And Burnout Paradise, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros were just straight up FUN games!!!

Then to make it worse,....he mentions nothing about those games that were dissappointments....HAZE, TOO HUMAN, STAR WARS.

TruGameHeadz...Yea right!!! Prime example for censorship, that's what they are!

ohnoTheRancor3803d ago

for me, HAZE tops the list. despite the AWFUL demo, i still don't think i could've more more excited about that game. i feel the need to shower every time i look at that yellow box art sitting in my collection (no, i didn't sell it back - it now serves as my albatross, reminding me that release-date purchases aren't always a good idea)

its no wonder Free Radical is cooked!

Doppy3803d ago

This list is a disappointment, most of the games on the list we're great.

callahan093803d ago

I can see why most people don't agree with the list. I suppose it should have been called "most overrated" not "most disappointing." However, from the perspective of a gamer, I guess the list DOES make sense, because you almost never get to play a game before you see some reviews on it.

Me, for instance, I played Haze long after I knew the game was scoring 4's, 5's and 6's, and according to my expectations, I was far from disappointed, I was actually somewhat impressed and flabbergasted at the beating it took in reviews. With Grand Theft Auto IV, disappointed is kind of an understatement because the game was so universally praised that when I actually got the chance to play it, I saw a game that took most of the childish, immature fun out of the past entries in the series and significantly reduced the freedom of the world and the RPG elements that you had in San Andreas, and I was felt that the game was just a prettier Grand Theft Auto III (a step back in terms of gameplay, in other words) with less humor.

So, yeah, I can see how over-rated but well-done games can be more disappointing to the player than under-rated but not-so-well-done games.

vhero3803d ago

I agree with all but burnout however if you used burnout when it first launched yeah it was a disappointment but with updates it is a great game proving it was released unfinished therefore a joke! It should have been released with the updates! The fact it wasn't shows the developers were lazy! GTA IV and mario kart definitely deserve to be on that list anybody who thinks otherwise have been taken over by the hype the games had as they sucked compared to previous games.

shovelbum3803d ago

Uh what? Toke, toke, pass dude. I wouldn't even know where to start so I'll leave it alone.

emazzuca3802d ago

This guy is an idiot,

Never really played the smash brother series.

Thinks drifting in Mario Kart in pointless.

puts left 4 dead, GOW2 , GTA,

With that amount of negativity, this guy isn't a true gamer.

He is just a (Best Seller,, i only like what ign gives a 9.5 or greater gamer)

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dachiefsman3803d ago

this list sucks. GTA IV, GEARS 2, and NGII should not have been on this list.

Look at it this way. What if all those games were not released? What would have you put on your list? MGS4, Smash Brothers, Fable II.

Most of the games listed were enjoyable to say the least. Maybe they didn't live up to the hype, but they still offers hours of fun unlike some games.

jsoncip383803d ago

I think that was the point - it seemed like he was talking about games that didnt live up to their hype, or up to his standards

mintaro3803d ago

What a terrible list. Excluding Gta 4...

ustayclassyn4g3803d ago

when you expect a serious article by someone with a name like MarkyX

Blink_443803d ago

hahahahahah and from a site called TrueGameHeadz

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