The 26 Best Mortal Kombat Characters Ranked

From Elder Gods to Shaolin Monks and other Earthrealm warriors, here are the best Mortal Kombat characters ranked.

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Tetsujin86d ago

Where's my boy Smoke? Both cyber and human forms were my bread and butter back in the (U)MK3 and Trilogy days.

jBlakeeper86d ago

Trash list. Cassie Cage and Jacque Briggs ahead of Kitana and Mileena? The two most popular female fighters. Ok then….

Yi-Long86d ago

I really like Jacqui Briggs, and I’d put her above Sonya and Cassie.

Not a fan of Mileena (I usually don’t care much for the ugly freaks in games), but really like Kitana and Jade.

jBlakeeper86d ago

Mileena is my fav MK character followed by Kitana.

86d ago
Army_of_Darkness86d ago

Loved using jade in mk9! She was awesome and looked sexy as f#*k! I don't understand why the studio keeps reducing the female ninjas sex appeal onwards?! Like wtf man!? Jade looks like a simple peasant now🙄