New PS5 DualSense Controller Update Released

Sony has released a new update for the PS5 DualSense controller today in addition to a system software update for the PS5.

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AKS379d ago

I can tell just from the name 22.02- that it's going to be truly amazing.

1nsomniac379d ago

Apparently there’s been reports of those still using 2.4ghz on ps5 having issues with interference on controllers making it lose sync.


Bluetooth itself works off the 2.4GHz band, so even if your PS5 is wired to your network you will get that interference so long as there is a 2.4GHz Wifi network in proximity. Some routers (I think only ASUS at this point) have an option for Bluetooth Coexistence which will report to your Bluetooth devices which channels are in use so that they can hop on an unused channel. The problem is that most Bluetooth products don’t bother to make use of this feature. Was experiencing this issue 1st hand with the console approximately 3ft from my router, until I moved it upstairs. Also happened with my Nintendo Switch OLED. For the most part, Microsoft is using a proprietary protocol for connecting controllers (and accessories), and only its most recent controllers have added Bluetooth support (to facilitate PC support) in addition to this protocol. That being said, haven’t experienced the issue on the Xbox. At this point, I’d say it all boils down to Bluetooth sucking as a protocol and I’m not really sure what leverage Sony would have over reducing the suck, besides ditching it altogether. The issue is obviously not isolated to the PlayStation and affects many consumer products.

SoulWarrior378d ago

Only my switch has constant problems losing sync with the joycons, never happens on my PS5.

1nsomniac378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Like I said it’s a known fault that has appeared lately to PS5. The fix is to disable the network connection and the dualsense will instantly sync again.

Never happened to me but I use 5ghz.

Pedrof379d ago

Probably some stability improvement

MaximusPrime_379d ago

Well-done for not reading it, captain obvious

AmUnRa379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Noppe you can custom your button layout, and also an stability improvement, i give you that😉

Xenial379d ago

It's unfortunate that this update is forced, and not optional such as the previous updates.

I've been purposely neglecting updates for one of my Dualsense controllers (personal reasons) and with this update, you cannot simply bypass or update later. If you do so, the controller is turned off and rendered unusable, upon connection attempt again, you are prompted to update once more in an endless loop.

As opposed to before, you can opt to update later, or simply press the circle button to bypass the update notification. And continue to use the controller.

It's not a huge complaint, however, this is still concerning.

northpaws379d ago

The problem is, then some lazy gamers would keep skipping updates and then complain when the controllers are not working correctly. I understand it can be frustrating if you for whatever reason doesn't want to update though.

darthv72379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Out of curiosity... why would you want to skip a controller update? I update all my controllers when available, as I feel the updates are meant to improve things they found to have issues.

Vits378d ago

Maybe it is an "If it's not broken don't mess with it" kind of deal?
Never had an issue with a DualSense update, but I wouldn't be surprised if something broke with it. My 8bitdo S30 Pro 2 for example started having issues with its motion sensor as soon as I updated it. So I had to roll back a couple of updates for it to start working again.

EvertonFC378d ago

"I've been purposely neglecting updates for one of my Dualsense controllers (personal reasons)"

May I ask WHY?

Daeloki378d ago

"I never update my devices"
*Device stops working*
"Shocked Pikachu face"

gold_drake378d ago

are you really complaining about a system update for a controller?

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Steam'll let you know if a game supports DualSense or DualShock from October

Valve's never-ending tinkering with Steam will soon see support for PlayStation's DualSense and DualShock controllers bought to the fore, their compatibility set to be clearly listed on store and library pages starting this October.

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Dandizzle14d ago

nice, dual sense when it is fully supported is my favorite controller experience

1nsomniac14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Do you still need it wired on PC to get full functionality?

Haven’t tried it since it debuted in Metro.

shinoff218314d ago

When I was playing atom rpg on steam I just used my ps4 controller through blu tooth and it work pretty good.


The DualSense Gets Treated To A Decent Discount Across The UK

The PlayStation 5's primary controller DualSense has been discounted to £39.99 on multiple retail platforms across the UK.

badz14949d ago

dayum...Sony is playing it really aggressively right now.

phoenixwing49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

if there really is a ps5 pro i'll end up buying it. i'm kind of hoping it's not real because we aren't even fully out of the ps4 gen with these consoles so far.

EDIT: to explain further why i'd end up buying it. There's going to be games that will immediately relegate the original ps5 to 30fps if there's a pro version and that will be the defacto one with a 60fps option.


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