Which IP should Arc System Works turn into its next fighting game?

Arc System Works recently stated it would be more open to making fighters based on existing IPs. What could it do next?

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Sonyslave3270d ago

Ms should hire them to make killer instinct

Sgt_Slaughter270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Making a fighting game based on a 2D-plain fighting game that already has a modern entry IP would be wasted potential IMO, as much as I love KI

Create something fresh and new would be better.

Snookies12270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Bleach would be amazing if they went with another anime/manga series. The transformations and specials would be a sight to behold.

VersusDMC270d ago

Seems to be the most likely as they have a relationship with Bandai and the new season of the anime coming up.

Bleach definitely has enough characters to fill out a roster and a couple of DLC seasons.

Majin-vegeta270d ago

Naruto,Power Rangers,Saint sieya,TMNT,JOJO,

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