GamersInfo Review: Mega Man Anniversary Collection "I admit it. I am getting up there in years as a gamer. My childhood was spent playing on those ancient-looking Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It was back in this day that games were *hard.* And very few of them were accessible to the average player. It took patience, time and skill to progress forward. One of the major companies back in those days was Capcom, a tour-de-force of old school-difficulty. The company also is one of the biggest offenders of selling the same game over and over again. In other words, Capcom prostituted its characters to make a profit. This is easily seen in the majority of the Resident Evil series, Mega Man series, Mega Man X series, Ghost 'n' Goblins series, Street Fighter series, Devil May Cry series and so forth. Ironically, Capcom also is one of the best innovators in the game industry, which is best seen in the following games: Okami, Resident Evil 4, Onimusha and, of course, the original three Mega Man games. Now, gamers of all ages have the opportunity to see the best and worst of all eight Mega Man games in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Unless you started playing video games after 1995, you probably know how the Mega Man series works. If not, here is a quick summary: choose robot, destroy and steal powers. Lather, rinse and repeat until Doctor Wily is back in jail. It is that simple. No complex plotlines or character development. Mega Man 7 was the first to truly attempt to have a plot, but it ultimately fails for a wide variety of reasons. And the rest of those games' plots were almost as bad."

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