Tencent Buys Part Of Ubisoft

This is interesting news. Today, Ubisoft announced that Tencent has acquired a minority stake in Guillemot Brothers Limited and has entered into the concert with the company’s founders.

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Jin_Sakai94d ago

Don’t care for either company so it’s whatever.

roadkillers94d ago

What was the last major game they made? I haven’t played anything since AC2… I’m sure there’s some good once since then

TheColbertinator94d ago

Ghost Recon Wildlands was great and then Ubisoft screwed it up

glennhkboy94d ago

AC: Origin I think is the last great Ubisoft game.

Neonridr93d ago

Far Cry 6 if you want to count AAA and new titles (AC Origins got a PS5/XSX release in June of 2022). Released October of 2021.

SlothLordPootus93d ago

If you like the old style games AC black flag and syndicate are great. For more witcher type of gameplay, origins is great and odyssey is decent too. Valhalla i havent played yet. For their other franchises there really hasnt been much of note since far cry 3.

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neutralgamer199294d ago


Thing is tencent are buying many companies and they are also after square enix. Not many people talk about this or know this but tencent is worth close to a trillion dollars

I much rather Xbox PlayStation or Nintendo buy studios then a company that only cares about the bottom line

XxStevexX94d ago

The funny part about your reply is that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all great examples of companies that only care about the bottom line.

blackblades94d ago

They buying parts of many companies, don't know if that still as buying the company. If Sony gonna get square they better do it fast before tecent.

Orchard94d ago

After Ubi fighting Vivendi over ownership for years, they turn around and sell out to Tencent? Totally worth it.

Christopher94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Minority stake by Tencent actually helps to ensure Vivendi won't get them.

Edit: them being more shares/greater stake.

Orchard94d ago

Yeah... I just don't really trust Tencent to not try a longer term hostile takeover. Also not a huge fan of how they're buying up a lot of the industry at this point.

Shikoku94d ago

They should be worried about being in bed with the communist arm of the Chinese. Government but hey money is money I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

Christopher94d ago

Don't disagree with you there, Orchard. I think our only salvation is the possibility that multiple bad companies get interested to the point that no one owns anything. It's a stalemate in Monopoly essentially.

Garethvk94d ago

I can see a major title not selling as expected and Tencent "investing" or buying more to cover it. We learned in college that Western companies often think in Fiscal Years while Asian companies have a multi-year plan and are willing to play the long game.
You only want us to have a piece? Ok we are in and now we wait.

Garethvk93d ago

I am curious how long a 5% voice will be good enough.

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Golfcoachh93d ago

I read JP Morgan just increased their stake in Ubisoft as well.

MadLad94d ago

This could only lead to great things.

MadLad94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I legitimately couldn't care less about likes/dislikes.
I just find it funny how this obvious sarcasm got overlooked, or people are just piggy backing on the dislikes I already had with that oh so special button this site offers.

AmUnRa93d ago

And yet you reacted to your own comment 3 hours later when you saw al the downvotes and try to damgecontrol your first comment.

CrimsonWing6994d ago

Let me ask you this, I know China is known for weird censorship like skeletons not being allowed in things. When a Chinese company does this do they bleed in their censorship laws or does it not effect anything?

Shikoku94d ago

Why do you think lots of major movies have had endings and other stuff in China? Transformera the last knight had it's ending place in China because of Chinese money being in the movie industry. China tried to force the Statue of liberty to be shadowed in Spiderman no way home because it was too patriotic....yes it effects stuff.

ZwVw94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Not to mention how for Top Gun: Maverick, they tried forcing Paramount to remove and replace the Taiwanese flag from Tom Cruise's jacket with a Chinese one (on top of other insane demands), to which Paramount was like "F-this" and didn't even bother releasing the film in China.

Garethvk93d ago

Disney has pretty much said enough and are not limiting Marvel film content to apoease them.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

I don't think owning a minority stake gives a government much leverage on how the company is run. If the company/leadership is based out of China it's a different story. Also, regardless of ownership, a government can restrict sales of the game within their country, which is a big deal

Shikoku94d ago

No company in China is independent of the Chinese communist party or it's influence. It's not a joke China has been for year trying to shift world perception through money dumped into media especially in America and Europe. That's a problem and if you want to put your head in the sand about go ahead.

crazyCoconuts94d ago

Easy, Shikoku, I agree with you, no need to get upset. I'm just saying getting a minority stake in a company doesn't make the company a Chinese company

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