Revealing the evolution of the Firewall franchise for PlayStation VR2

From PS Blog: "Since day one, First Contact Entertainment has been focused on bringing quality experiences to virtual reality, and our team has always believed in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Which is why now, after four years of support for Firewall Zero Hour, we are proud to announce that we’ll be pushing those boundaries once again with our next live-operated first-person multiplayer shooter for PlayStation VR2, Firewall Ultra.

Firewall Ultra is the next evolution in the Firewall franchise. We’re taking advantage of the new features that the PS VR2 has to offer, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek into how we’ve used some of those features for Firewall Ultra."

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_SilverHawk_274d ago

This looks amazing and I can't wait to play it on psvr 2.

jjb1981274d ago

Zero Hour was really fun. I bought a plastic stock for the aim controller and it made it so much more immersive for me. I can't wait for this.

crazyCoconuts274d ago

Same here. I have missed this game quite a bit since I sold my PSVR. Looking to jump in again soon I hope

CaptainHenry916274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

There's rumors starting to come out that the PSVR2 price is the same price of the PS5. I'm seeing a lot of rumors that the price of the PSVR2 will be $499 to $599. Knowing Sony and how greedy they are now, this might be true especially after they increased the price of the PS5

_SilverHawk_274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Lol. You think they are being greedy? Do you know the specs of the psvr 2 and have you compared it to older vr technology on the market now? You think 500 is a lot for what's in the psvr2?

You shouldn't buy something if you cant afford it. I like the specs of the psvr 2 and wish it was better but I understand they don't want to sell a product that's out of reach for people like you. If you cant afford a product for your hobby you shouldn't buy it. A product like the quest 1 should be good enough for you if you're a fan of vr and don't want to spend for a product that's better

CaptainHenry916274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I actually own a Oculus Quest and the price was irrelevant to me at the time especially as a PC gamer. The playstation install base might think differently about the PSVR2 price. All I'm saying for the console market PSVR2 shouldn't be to expensive for the casual gamer. If the rumors are true that the PSVR2 price will be $699 in other countries and $599 in the US it will be DOA unfortunately especially with its niche market.

1nsomniac274d ago

So the controllers have got finger touch detection on them too. Looking forward to PSVR2. I should of sold my PSVRv1 ages ago I’ve noticed they’re worth practically nothing anymore which is a shame considering how much I paid for it.

ocelot07274d ago

The headset and breakout box is not worth much now. But fairly certain the move controllers are worth around same as the headset now. About 8 months ago I sold my move controllers and PSVR (V2) headset and camera for £190.

1nsomniac273d ago

Wow that not a bad price! I’ve seen the headset, breakout box and camera selling for £50 currently. But I forgot I had the move controllers too.

ocelot07273d ago


With the camera as well? Camera alone in the UK goes between £20-£25 alone. I think a full setup with 2 move controllers would bet between £120-£150

ocelot07274d ago

Looking forward to this hopefully it's a launch title for PSVR2.

ApocalypseShadow274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Nice. The better console VR shooter is possibly getting better with Ultra. And looks like a single player experience is along for the ride as well. That's great.

Slowly but surely, Sony is ramping up what you'll see on this device. Horizon: Call to the Mountain, RE8, No Man Sky, Firewall Ultra, WD Saints and Sinners, etc. Just waiting for GT 7 to be announced as the racer and hopefully Namco comes along with AC 7 full play or a brand new project aces game like AC 8.

With all the headset and controller features, Sony's taking us to the next console VR level.

Solitariussaint274d ago

If it has a single player component, I'll buy it.