Very British Gamer: Professor Layton and the Stupid British

The Very British Gamer talks news and enlists the help of the Prof as he tries to work out a brainteaser about a game that's nearly two years old selling for four times its value.

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PS360WII3586d ago

This guy is ridiculous. First for saying Prof is mediocre and second for counting out how long it's been in areas he can't go to. It was just released in the UK there for brand new game for them. So what if it was released a good long time ago in Japan! That's Japan not where you are and to Japanese people yes the game could be considered old but not to you who have just seen the release of it.

ThePimpOfSound3586d ago

Is the DS region locked. If not I would have liked to have known this earlier. Scalpin' games!

Johnny Rotten3586d ago

I'm really interested in trying out this Professor Layton game.