Suda 51 Discusses 'No More Heroes 2' on the Xbox 360

Kombo writes, "The original No More Heroes was a Wii exclusive game that in true Suda 51 fashion, brought some interesting ideas to the table. Unfortunately, the game didn't sell like some expected, which put even a sequel in question. When the sequel was eventually announced, this led some to wonder if it would be making its way to the Xbox 360.

When speaking with GameSetWatch Suda discussed this very topic..."

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CrAppleton4657d ago

Looks like the Wii is getting a little more love now

4657d ago
original seed4657d ago

The more people who play the game the better. More money for the Devs to develop another one.

4657d ago
miniduf14657d ago

Honestly does it really affect you if the 360 got the game, people stupid loyalties to companies who only care about making money.

Doctor_Doom4657d ago

Time to show them what you got M$ =P

2009 , gonna be a HUGE Year for gamers

Bnet3434657d ago

How the hell does my comment get reported as Spam when bgrundman's comment is way worse? What the hell?

Danja4657d ago

Im happy this stays Wii exclusive the original is my fave Wii game ever so far...and I think the Wii-mote helped to enhance the fun factor of this game where the 360 wouldn't offer ne thing other than better graphics..the control would make the game experience feel dumbed down IMO.



I agree that this one of the best Wii games so far (which don't say much, this game itself is fun thanks to swordplay in the wiimote, but that's about it, everything else - besides art direction - sucks).

But I think this could really improve the game if done right. And let's not forget those tons of rumors about PS3 and 360 receiving full motion controllers, if true they must hit sometime this year.

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bgrundman4657d ago

It is nice to know that the game is staying exclusive for the time being at least.

ammonator4657d ago

Seems to be a rare thing these days, Braid anyone?

bgrundman4657d ago

good call, but from what it sounds like, the game will NOT be coming to the 360

CrAppleton4657d ago

Bummer.. The 360 needs more arcade love

bgrundman4657d ago

Would a 360 control scheme even work with No More Heroes 2?

bgrundman4657d ago

For that matter would a PS3 control scheme work?

BillGatesMom4657d ago

Also breaks more then others so when building a game you must account for that... Dont get gamers to unvolved because there is a 60% chance they wont be able to finish the game due to RROD...

Just the way it is... Sorta like how there is so many glitches on every 360 game even though its so EASY to develop for... Heck even I could develop for the 360 its so easy... Wonder whats wrong with the devs on that console.. Must be dumb..

PS360WII4657d ago

It would work but wouldn't be as fun. imo at least. Kind of like Rayman Ravin Rabbits as the first one was released on all platforms but the only one that was good/fun was on the Wii because of the controls.

PS360WII4657d ago

Awesome glad some developers like the control style of the Wii and that's why the sequel is getting another round on the console :)

CrAppleton4657d ago

For sure.. Wii needs more games like this

bgrundman4657d ago

Pretty much it seems to be it's only saving grace.

die_fiend4657d ago

hmmm I wouldn't mind this on the 360, although it'd need motion control lol. I'd love to see what Suda's art style would look like in HD. I loved Killer7 and No More Heroes was pretty cool, I just wanna see them do a game that looks immense. But I've got Okami for now, that's a crazy game!

fossilfern4657d ago

If it shows up on 360 i hope it ends up on PS3 too :)

bgrundman4657d ago

Read the article... it is not coming to 360

fossilfern4657d ago

I said IF. why dont you read the comment properly ?

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