GTA IV Drops Out Of Top 10 In Sales After One Week

The PC port of Grand Theft Auto debuted at #7 on NPD's sales report for the first week of December. Now NPD has released the report for the second week of December that shows GTA IV has dropped off the top ten list entirely.

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Marcello3587d ago

I guess thats what you get when you make such a poor port + DRM

I was gonna buy this but after seeing the benchmarks and reading the DRM horror stories i decided not to

EvilCackle3587d ago

Really took their sweet ass time making the port too. Eight month wait? Bleh.

Serjikal_Strike3587d ago

And it drops outta the top 10 after 1 week on pc...
somethings not right!

lelo3587d ago

Bad port ... bad DRM ... full of bugs ... launched 8 months after the consoles... what did they expect???

die_fiend3587d ago

It sold a bucketload on the consoles as well, I'm sure most people played it on them in these last 8 months and decided it wasn't worth getting. Not good for Rockstar tho who will have to consider whether to port GTA's to PC in the future...

Voiceofreason3587d ago

I was actually holding out for the PC version because you can do a lot more with it. However the amount of bugs and DRM have made me decide to wait a little while on it. Maybe get Saints Row 2 instead.

sugatmahanti3587d ago

nice...that should happen....they will realize that..they cnt just make a crappy port and expect it to sell just because its GTA..

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The story is too old to be commented.