Xbox Series X wastes 15 times more money in standby mode than PS5

Unlike the PS5 and Switch, leaving your Xbox Series X on standby mode, rather than switching it off, is more costly than you may think.

purple101380d ago

Ten times more. Only 13 times if you have a launch console which is automatically NOT out in energy saver mode.

The power usage equates to £60 English pounds per year. Which is the price of a game here.

aaronaton380d ago

Well you can triple that £60 for the next year or so for sure!

Mr Pumblechook380d ago

So even though the PS5 has had a price rise in the U.K. and is more EXPENSIVE than the Xbox Series X, and people were complaining about the price difference, if you use standby it’s actually CHEAPER over one year. Over the course of six years PS5 is £360 cheaper than Xbox Series X. Where is the mob with their pitchforks now?! 😆

Jericho1337380d ago

“Energy Saver mode consumes about 20 times less power than Standby mode when the console is not being used or receiving updates.”

£59 ÷ 20 = £2.95… so XSX actually consumes less power than PS5 in its default setting.

I mean, useful to know for XSX owners but love the hilarious fanboy posturing going on here.

SierraGuy379d ago

It's so inefficient. What a pig.

SullysCigar380d ago

So if the energy prices do triple in next month, you're looking at £12/year to keep PS5 in standby mode, versus £177/year for xbox series. That's madness!

darthv72380d ago

who doesnt use energy saver mode? the Series boots up so quickly anyways from fully off that energy saver just shaves it down a bit more. Sure it may not be instantaneous as standby but its still pretty damn quick.

Now for my one X I still use, yeah using standby on that makes up for the longer boot from energy saver. Id even say energy saver on the series is still quicker than standby on a one x.

dumahim380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

The system startup may be acceptably quick, but you still need to load up the game too, right? FH5 isn't all that quick to load. With quick resume I'm probably going from shut down to back in game in like 10 seconds.

MichaelKnight83380d ago

That's true i have my Xbox Series X on energy save mode and the Xbox Series X still boots up pretty quick

OptimusDK380d ago

The major point and differnce here is nthat xbox Quick resume WORKS with energy savings and even if you turn it off completely. Try that on PS5. This comparison makes no sense as it is not comparing the same things.

It should compare XBOX energy saving mode with SONY sleep mode. Try calculating that

KillBill379d ago

@dumahim what are you talking about quick resume works even if you shut the system down completely.

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SullysCigar380d ago

Oof. Good to know bearing in mind the energy mess we're in right now. They reckon it will get worse before it gets better.

Eonjay380d ago

The current energy stress affecting Europe was generated by Russia cutting off its gas supply. This is not happening because of green energy. Infact. the faster we move to Green energy the sooner we can get away from madmen who use supply chain attackes to bully other countries into letting them commit war crimes. Anyone who blames the current situation on green energy is either misinformed on part of the missinformation themselves. I can't wait for fussion to arrive and then people turn on it for being a non oil based green energy. The insanity is real.

Father__Merrin380d ago


Russia are not to blame for energy crisis it was in the making long before, energy companies are making bonus profits because price cap has increased this cap needs to go back how it was.

PS the only reason why Russian energy isn't flowing to Europe as much is because Europe is putting sanctions on Russia

Pocahontas380d ago

@Eonjay The lies you tell yourself.

Eonjay380d ago


I am making an attempt to reach into that bubble and give you information. Whether you accept it or reject it is up to you.
Among several reasons they have also increased because Russia has sharply cut its supplies of gas to Europe. This has pushed up the price of gas across the continent, including in the UK.

For more information check out this BBC article explaining the cap from 30 minutes ago:

Russia is to blame for the sanctions. The EU didn't just wake up one day and decide to restrict their energy supply. That not a thing.

I want you to know that even though you accept misinformation its only because you lack the strength to stand up to it.

SullysCigar380d ago

Eonjay, it's just not that simple.

Look, we all digest the information we take in differently and form our own opinions - and that's fine.

When trying to counter what you believe is misinformation, however, it's never a good idea to cite the BBC.

Pocahontas380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

@Eonjay How about not being reliant on government sponsored media like BBC and see that being reliant on Russia for your lack of nuclear plants/coal is telling in and of itself. You’re not power independent so no matter what you call fact is actually spin. Green doesn’t work or cut it. EU is dependent because of incompetence. They could of invested into real power solutions before making future mandates that the grid just will never support. But please stop charging your evs.

Knushwood Butt379d ago

Interesting how Japan has been running on a much reduced nuclear generated grid for over 10 years since the tsunami in 2011. The nuclear plant near me has been out of service for over 10 years. I see solar and wind farms all over the place near me.

Yet people want Sizewell C, when there is still no way to dispose of spent nuclear fuel.

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TravsVoid380d ago

I just did the math and it would only cost me around $14 a year with taxes and rounding up if I had a Series X. Personally on my Series S and PS5 I leave the option off because I don't like my consoles heating up while I'm not using the console. The main reason I can even see someone using them for is faster boot times but Series S is probably the fastest modern console to turn on from a cold boot.

XiNatsuDragnel380d ago

Great information thanks for this

solideagle380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

it's funny switch only uses 40p...

Xbox: £59
PS5: £4
switch: 40p

all the figures are per year not month.

FinalFantasyFanatic380d ago

To be fair, the Switch isn't as beefy as the other two performance-wise, so it makes sense that it uses the least by a wide margin.

darkrider380d ago

It's a portable hybrid.... Not a full fledged home console

VenomUK380d ago

@solideagle. The Switch cost is only 40p, which incidentally matches its resolution|!

solideagle379d ago

hehehe that's funny :) thanks for a good chuckle.