MSN: Killzone 2 Hands-On

If one was to list the most controversial games in the past decade, Killzone (the series) would definitely make it to the top 5. The first game earned the title "Halo-Killer" but proved to be a disappointment, while the second had a very bad start, due to the infamous "E3 2005" controversy. For the uninitiated, Sony showed off Killzone 2 with a video that was done to "PS3 specification", or in simpler terms, they believed that when the game was complete, it would look similar to the footage.


Sorry about the confusion but this article is not written by MSN, it is written by MSN just has it on their website.

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die_fiend3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Yeah, this whole Microsoft owns the whole media and what it doesn't own it pays off malarky is pure bull. If any1 gives this game less than a 9, people will say Microsoft paid them off. Thing is, no1 has ever managed to provide a single piece of evidence that this stuff has ever happened. The only thing Microsoft have done is pay £50 mill for GTA4 DLC, and that's fair enough isn't it? FYI this article is from techtree

shingo3805d ago

Everyone will love this game (^_^)

BrianC62343805d ago

They said the PS3 is hated for it's limited game library but that really isn't true anymore. They did say they don't agree. Does anyone really attack the PS3 for that anymore though? I hope not. The PS3 has a lot of great games.

Other than that it looks like a Microsoft site wrote a decent preview of a Sony game. I didn't read the whole thing yet though.

TheHater3805d ago

it written by

If you look at bottom of the MSN article you will notice it says source.

morganfell3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

But articles are chosen by MSN staff editors. Before you call people retards you may want to read the rules of the Gamer zone.

I don't like MSN anymore than you. The article isn't as nice as some would make it out to be. See what I wrote in the open zone. It's a nice sleight of hand.

Lifendz3805d ago

and they know who they are, can't hate on KZ2. It's incredible.

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Ashton3805d ago

that's odd,,,i gotta read it .

SL1M DADDY3805d ago

It's interesting to see them reporting this but to be fair to the original author, MSN had nothing to do with writing the report.

Aaron Greenterd3805d ago

The design of our plan is pure genious. we pay 3rd party websites to trash the ps3 and its games, and then link them back to MSN so it looks like we are just and innocent bystander, presenting you, the gamer, with unbiased news.

On a side note, our Xbox 360 console can take the target render DVD of Killzone 2 and run it as a game. That's right, no need for 'dev time' or programming, just pop the target render into the 360 and you're gaming.

Now that is "jumping in"

HDgamer3805d ago

The original game of killzone has some elements that cod4 borrowed like heating the grenades, sprinting, and a couple of other things.

Serjikal_Strike3805d ago

and that was from the beta...holy sh1t...just imagine the final build!GGGGOOOOTTTYYYY 2009!

BillGatesMom3805d ago

They clearly no nothing about gaming so why on earth would I read what they think regardless if its positive or not..

M$ will try to down play it like they do every Ps3 game... Whatever though, cant wait until the Gears 2 vs Killzone 2 comparisons...

PotNoodle3805d ago

They said nothing but good things.

morganfell3805d ago

Many people read just the headlines or at most skim the first paragraph.

Anyone with high school writing skills knows that the tone of the article and the goals therein are often set in that initial paragraph. Go back and read just the headlines and first paragraph and tell me what you would think if you had know real knowledge of Killzone or Killzone 2.

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