Intel Launches Fastest Processor on the Planet in Egyptian Market

Egypt revealed today its most advanced desktop processor ever, the Intel® Core i7 processor. During his keynote speech, Nour El Din Zaki, Country Marketing Manager, Egypt, Levant, and North Africa made known that the Core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built, with new technologies that boost performance on demand and maximize data throughput.

The Core i7 processor speeds video editing, immersive games and other popular Internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.

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Droid Control3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

And PS4 or course!

Wow! Next gen can't come soon enough!

If Xbox 720 is released in 2010 i'll buy it. I'll also buy a ps4.

I'm a graphics whore with money to burn. I'd buy a 720 or PS4 nw if i could. LOL

If i had my way, we'd get new consoles ever7 4 years!
Its not viable, and most can't afford it.

But i'm just saying, form my perspective.

Whatever happens, the Hard drive are going to have to be HUGE! Like TB's!

I need to transfer all my Xbox originals, my game saves, my arcade games, and downloadable content - and thats BEFORE we start downlaoding NEW stuff related solely to the 720/PS4...

How can M$/Sony afford TB hard drives?

We all know that the Hard drive is one of the most expensive components of a console...

Won't it be wierd to start a new console with an existing gamerscore!?
Will the gamerscore eventually lose significance once the numbers get too high?

Some might be starting next gen with 50,000+ gamerscore!
And what about someone that buys a 720 that hasn't brought a 360?


Good thing Sony haven't copied gamerscore. I prefer trophies...

I wonder if the PS4 will use the same PS1 pad again with slight changes?

Will sony finally offse tthe analogue sticks into the right position?
Personally, i'd like a totally different pad sesign this time. So it feels fresh and new.

'Sony know what they did wrong with the PS3, and according to SCEA CEO Jack Tretton it was a lack of communication between the hardware and software division, with a bunch of boffins making the console and then dumping it on the software team to make sense of it. This confirms what developers have been saying all along – that the PS3 is quite difficult to program games for.

The first step for the PS4 is therefore to bridge the divide between hardware and software and to make the next console infinitely easier to program for. Not only will this help in terms of games development, but it will allow the PS4 to be a much more viable option for cross-console releases.' - Interesting! And i agree. I hope sony make the PS4 better to program for. Its in everybody's best interest.

Nice to see sony amitting mistakes and moving forward. Its like a breath of fresh air not to hear 'SPIN' for once...

'Graphics wise, Intel seem poised to pimp their new Larrabee graphics processing unit. In fact, they plan to have graphics cards on the market to compete with Nvidia and ATI by 2010 – sounds awfully close to our predicted moves by both Sony and Microsoft. It’s a real possibility that either the PS4 or Next Xbox (or both) will have a GPU made by Intel inside.' - wOW! imagine if the PS4 and Xbox 720 share the same graphics card and Intel Core i7 processor!

'The inclusion of Blu-Ray is also a bit of a question mark, primarily because it is Blu-Ray that represents the greatest production cost for Sony – so much so that they have been making a loss on every console sold. Riding off the back of such strong sales of their previous consoles makes this business strategy possible for Sony but many analysts are predicting that the company cannot do so again. To sell another console at a loss is simply not an option for Sony. This adds yet more fuel to the possibility of downloadable games, streaming HD video and a massive hard drive to handle it all.' - This amkes no sense! Yes the Blu-ray drive is losing sony money NOW, But in 2010 it won't! Expect blu-ray to be in the PS4!

'the fact that Sony is bleeding money with every PS3 console sold, we believe that the PS4 will be announced a lot sooner than many have been led to believe.' - Or later! Think about it! The PS4, if launched sooner rather than later would cost more than the PS3! It makes more sense to keep the PS3 going for a s long as possible! Not 10 years, 12 years! (If they can!)

'The Wii 2 will undoubtedly include DVD support' - HA HA HA HA HA!

'The question Nintendo need to answer is will the so-called casual gamers actually be interested in an upgraded version of the Wii? After all, old people and families are hardly going to care that much about HD resolutions and DVD playback – they just want to use this Wii Fit thing everyone’s talking about on Today Tonight. It really then becomes a case of trying to claw back the loyal gamers, many of whom now believe Nintendo has abandoned them in search of, well, profit.' - I don't believe they will buy a new console. WHy would all these mothers and old people shell out for a Wii 1.5 in a couple of years?

Ninty have targeted a market adverse to rebuying the latest product.
I forsee the fall of nintendo next gen!

griff23802d ago

However, I'd like to see the what the new processor can do in a real world environment. It would be interesting to see a comparison between a cluster of IBM blades (with the cell) against a "comparable" cluster of machines with the new Intel chip.

pp3803d ago

So this is faster than the CELL hahahahhaha.The CELL is old GEN.

Jinko3802d ago

If the cell is old gen, then what is the processor in the 360?

Foxgod3802d ago

Also old gen, but at least the 360 cpu got more then one core.
The ps3 only got one :), and 6 spe's which dont qualify as full cores.

Common Sense3802d ago

Doesn't change the fact that the Cell is still twice as powerful as Xenon.

@pp The Cell actually isn't old gen. The one in the PS3 might be older gen than this Intel processors but there many upgrades being done on the Cell platform by IBM. The PS4 will probably have many Cell processors powering it. The Cell's IBM's baby right now, so Microsoft will probably go with an Intel or an AMD processor which won't be able to beat the next generation of Cell processor because the PS4, obviously, will launch after the 720.

Gorgon3802d ago

Not faster than you falling asleep.

Spike473803d ago

when machines rise against humanity now will it,lol.

ThanatosDMC3802d ago

Yeah, terminators and Skynet FTW!!!

Jager3801d ago

Damn Machines wont take me withot a fight! >:/

lsujester3801d ago

Christian Bale will pwn all machines.

Roleplayer3802d ago

This is super fast ! this will revelutionise gaming I hope.

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