Xbox Exec Wants to Show Fable Now, But the Developer Wants It to Be Ready First

From IGN: "Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty already wants to show off Fable on the Xbox Series X but developer Playground Games has refused to do so until it's properly ready.

Speaking at PAX West 2022, Booty said that Playground is doing so many cool things with the next generation Fable game that he asks them to share it every time he sees it:

"Part of my job is giving air cover to the team," he explained. "They don't want to show stuff early before it's ready to go, but if there's one game where that's kind of flipped around, where every time I see something I say, 'We should show this', it's Fable. Because there's a lot of cool stuff."

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phoenixwing153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

The devs obviously know it's looking janky and the exec is too clueless to notice it

brewin153d ago

Can't wait till you get to eat that plate of crow. Playground is an amazingly talented studio. Fable will be amazing and Matt is just excited to show off what he's seen. Clearly it's still early and the devs don't want to make the wait worse for the fans. I personally want to see something. A brief gameplay clip or even some of the art assets they're using. At least we know it's coming.

phoenixwing153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Lol you mistake me for a troll but I actually own gamepass on my computer. If the dev had actually good looking stuff they wouldn't be averse to showing it. Unless you somehow think the devs are bashful about their coding. And what utter hogwash not wanting to make fans wait are you in lala land?

phoenixwing153d ago

As a final reply I am not saying the game will turn out bad. I'm actually looking forward to it. But if the devs say to wait it's obvious what they have needs to be worked on more and they know it which is a good thing on the devs part.

RaidenBlack152d ago

The part that draws my attention to Fable is that they're using ForzaTech engine to create Fable instead of UE.
Kinda curious how it'll look and play.
Given Playground Game's usual attention to detail, it might look something stellar but at the same time, might take years for it become ready for a proper release.

Godmars290152d ago

So you're agreeing with him that the exec knows less then the dev, but disagree that its too soon to be showing the game, thus agreeing with the exec who you know to be wrong?

Keep doing you dude...

Crows90152d ago

They may be talented especially at making racers but as was the case for CD project red that doesn't mean much when you're making a game in a style you've never done before. And in this case a genre that they've never even touched. I think but I may be wrong. I do hope it is amazing since I love fable.

darkrider152d ago

Did they ever made anything else but racers?

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MadLad152d ago

Everyone knows Playground Games is an amateur studio, at best.
They were given the IP just for a laugh by Microsoft.

brewin152d ago

When they're bringing in award winning writing talent from the likes of games like Control and Dishonored I'd say it's in pretty good hands. Plus, playground opened a whole second studio to work on the game and have been hiring like crazy. Microsoft knows they can't screw this one up so they are putting all the time and resources they possibly can into it.

Bathyj152d ago

"Microsoft knows they can't screw this one up so they are putting all the time and resources they possibly can into it."

You have the memory of a goldfish.

agnosticgamer152d ago ShowReplies(2)
Relientk77153d ago

So Matt Booty wants more backlash like the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer from 2020 lol? Yeah, maybe you should listen to the developers.

Jin_Sakai153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I’m pretty sure he did listen to the developer because we haven’t seen it yet.

Eonjay152d ago

This is a case where the game could have benifited form being announced at a later date.

Lightning77153d ago

But if they don't show anything then ppl will complain anyway. "where are the games" is what I keep hearing.

MS applies a little pressure now they're clueless.

For God's sakes pick a narrative.

SullysCigar153d ago

Both scenarios can - and do - coexist:

Where are the games?

Not ready yet.

Why not?

Because we suck at scheduling. Also we don't want to waste too much money on games people will just play on gamepass.

Oh. :^/

neutralgamer1992152d ago


i hate the fact we as gamers don't call it like it is:

last 2-3 years of xbox360 were kind of empty while sony released some quality games and the reason given was ms are preparing for next gen yet during xbox one they had the same issues. Then came this gen and here we aare still waiting. BTW phil knew they needed more talent/IP's but waited til this gen to buy more studios so once again we have to wait

and AA games being on GP is a real thing. we don't have enough data but please understand how these services work. you need steady stream of content and AAA games like you said take time. I think 60% of MS games will be under AA banner where they can be made within 2 years while 40% will be true AAA and will be given the proper time and resources

AA in my opinion isn't bad i actually miss the days when we had legit AA publishers like THQ and Midway to name a few

Michiel1989152d ago

@sully not waste too much money? did you look at how much they paid for bethesda and how much theyre gonna pay for actiblizz?

oh :/

anast152d ago

They haven't released a quality game beside Forza in over 20 years. Think about that. Instead of making good games they pacified their fans with a subservices. This is the actual narrative.

jwillj2k4152d ago

you've been hearing that since the second half of the xb360 life cycle since when did that narrative bother you??

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Lightning77153d ago

"@Sully Also we don't want to waste too much money on games people will just play on gamepass."

You're clearly trolling. If that were true Hell Blade 2 wouldn't be a thing or games like Lies of P, Wo Long, Star Field Redfall and even even Diabolo 4 will make its way on the service.

You can't whine about both things at least be consistent.

Flawlessmic153d ago

Lightning, where are the games for 2022?

Like honestly man i bought my xsx thinking things would be different and eventually they will be, but thats the key word evetually!

Since halo and forza came out my xbox has been a glorified dust collector.

Im as excited as anyone for those games you listed but 2022 has been absolute write off for ms this year.

Thank god i own all 3 consoles other wise id have the shits even more so at ms lack of production.

RickRoland153d ago (Edited 153d ago )


My favorite part about your list is basically everything was or will be acquired through a purchase and Microsoft has done absolutely diddly squat for these games to exist / be completed. At least list games they put in work for. What would that list would be without the VERY recent / soon to be completed Bethesda/activision/blizzard purchases? Microsoft recently spent billions for these companies because they knew their output was absolutely horrible. This was a quick fix.

EmperorDalek153d ago

But... He isn't showing it because he listened to the developer in this case. What are you on about?

Lightning77152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@Rick "Microsoft has done absolutely diddly squat for these games to exist / be completed."

Bro I could care absolutely less who makes the games. I'm a gamer at the end of the day. I'm not gonna lose sleep because a bunch of Xbox devs aren't in the credits. That's a very VERY strange goal post. Just play the games and enjoy them. Unless you want to congratulate every developer at the end credits? Sound director Joe Smith. Yay Joe Smith! Come on that's weird.

@Flawless I hear you. It's easily one of the worst years of Xbox game wise. In fact it's worse than any year of X1. Though that's not the argument I'm making here. If ppl are gonna troll at least pick a trolling narrative and stick to it. They want MS to show the games but yet don't want another Halo Infinite situation. Yet still complain they haven't shown anything...

Here how insane that sounds?

This is the mind of a crazy person.

Flawlessmic152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

You gotta keep in mind ms has been severly lacking in games for years now so yes peoole want to see them, but at the same time we also dont them showing a game thats 4 years away also.

Ms stuffed up annoucing games that devshad barely started on.

You think sony isnt working on more games than they have officially announced? Ofcourse they are but its to soon to even annouce for some of them im sure.

Ms buckled under pressure and blew there load by annoucing almost everything they can for games that are years away meanwhile are also in barren stretch of exclusives.

Im really not gonna get mad people having the shits, ms has been in yhe game for 4 gens now, to still have issues with releasing a handful of games every yr is silly at this point.

Would it kill ms to have some structure around announcements and a somewhat reasonable release date from that annoucement.

I dont need to be told there making games, obvs they are, what i want is a steady stream of releases of exclusives that i can actually play.

Bathyj152d ago

Your just deflecting the issue that Microsoft rarely make good games. Especially in the last decade. Why aren't you demanding better? This is honestly enough for you?

Lightning77152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@Bathy don't speak about demanding better when Sony's making questionable decision's? -1 for self awareness.

Anyway what does demanding better look like in this scenario please tell me? I was literally just talking about it. Demand better show off games that will look like Infinite or go ahead and release a game that's buggy like Starfield? Or wait it out and until the game's are polished and ready.

If they release those games early you would say "you see MS can't make good games!" as predictable as you are.

Again pick a narrative. What I demand is good games. I wouldn't be concerned over games you'll never touch and play anyway.

Is waiting on quality games enough? Yes it is enough.

HannibalLecter152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Lol the only one delusional in this entire thread is lightning77.
Lmao. Still hoping and dreaming after an entire generation of mediocrity from your precious... Still waiting .... Having fun with that lightning77. Meanwhile other companies are putting out bangers. But you keep on waiting and spouting your nonsense. The rest of us are way over the wait and see stuff. Put up or shut up is what you should want, but your willing to wait and wait til someday you get something.....Hopefully. Good for you but others want substance.

Please don't hold your breath trying to wait for something good to release for you from your company of choice. , you will definitely turn fully green if your not already there. Hate to see how you act if that acquisition doesn't go through.
Xbox's (MS) motto can't beat it, buy it or change it

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GoodGuy09153d ago

Yes please wait til it's ready.

XiNatsuDragnel153d ago

Wait til it's ready Microsoft never force a rushed project because it'll create discontent with your devs imo.

HyperMoused153d ago

The development of this game is a fairy tale with an underlying meaning

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