Spong: PlayStation Home: Muting Others Coming

And Home is making money... apparently. Susan Panico, senior director of the Playstation Network, has been spreading lovely, seasonal snow all over the Seattle Post Intelligencer regarding the smashing things happening on Home.

This, for example, includes methods to ensure that if you're a male journalist pretending to be a female using a feminine avatar and a name like "Iamacutegirl23" in order to get a story, you won't be harassed. Okay, you might get harassed but you'll be able to mute the harasser. Says Susan, "abuse reporting, the ability to mute other avatars, and "rapidly scaling up our moderation team" should fix the problems".

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Bren863805d ago

Maybe they should enable voice chat in public spaces first.

Serjikal_Strike3805d ago

I would prefer to text chat rather than use my mic...
hardly anyone is using a mic anyway!

Johnny Rotten3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

muting is already available no? click on the person your looking at and the option shows up.

and what's up with the stats?

"Virtual goods priced from 49 cents to $4.99 have generated more revenue for Sony than PS3 movies and video priced up to $14.99 generated in their first week".

Just another newspaper reporter getting thier facts from thier grandkids I suppose...

Johnny Rotten3805d ago

oops my bad I didn't see she the director for Sony.

CViper3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

HOME has been in Beta for... how long now?

Now with the open beta, they just now realize there are spamming/pervert/dbags out there?

I feel like maybe the closed beta was really just for the load/feature/basic stuff..

And the open beta will be the one to where they nail down more features, but sheesh..

2008 is here and we barely have clothing/appliances/pictures.. I dont even really remember what home was hyped for to compare it to now.. but.. Outside of videosharing/pixsharing getting nixed... what else is it missing so far, as far as the hypebot went.

I got very excited with the announcement because I thought we were gtting the redbull/diesel stores. But, no dice right?

lokiroo4203804d ago

Wow talk about an incoherent ramble, whats your point, what are you trying to say, sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.

CViper3804d ago

i think you are just angry at something. Not sure what.

Armyless3804d ago

the Holiday Party ended but I think it was still going on in my head.

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