Microsoft comes under fire from BBC's Watchdog programme

Microsoft is set to come under pressure in tonight's edition of consumer affairs show Watchdog as the investigative team looks into potential faults with the Xbox 360. has learned that the programme will focus on the 'ring of death' problem, as it's been nicknamed by gamers, where three red lights appear around the console's power button and the machine stops working.

The problem appears to occur much more frequently in the first batch of Xbox 360 units produced.

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Marty83704291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

When will Microsoft ever

gazza4291d ago

but at least there machine does exactly what they promised and more.

ACE4291d ago

i can smell sony bs when i saw that , they must have had alot to do with it :) how desparet can u get huh sony ?.

oh aint it a coincident that the ps3 comes out in the uk in like 6 weeks

techie4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

Uh no. Watchdog is a very respectable wised-up UK show and the wip the hell out of companies that have charged customers for faulty systems that go over a certain amount of complaints. It's an issue and it needs to be dealt with. Let's hope they do.

To 'was a sony fan' below: Well yes there are of course good stories as to be expected. I've had my ps2 since launch day and had no problems. But then there's lots of people who haven't. It's poor.

ACE4291d ago

i see what ur saying BUT its to much of a coincidente that the ps3 comes out in the uk very soon . very strange.

as for sorting out duff machines hell yeah so they should .

the only thing is i've had my 360 for over 1 year and no problems concidering i play on it every day . i only know one other person who had a problem but microsoft changed/repaired it free and he got it back in like 3 days now thats fast service u really cant complayn about that.

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malachi234291d ago

When will YOU learn?, your the first to post in an article about the Xbox360.

We get you support the PS3, that's great and your choice.But why do you have to make comments like that?.

Is it fear that the Xbox360 COULD win the next gen war?...or are you just alittle kid with too much time on his or her hands?.

gazza4291d ago

and i know of at least 3 others all replaced free. My sons replaced free although it only had 2 days warranty left, and in all cases the replacement arrived within 10 days.

Syko4291d ago

But any way you slice this one it is bad news. Watchdog can't/Won't be paid off easily or at all for that matter

gogators4291d ago

I have been concerned with the reliablity of this system ever since both my release cores went down within days of first use. My experience with MS customer support was excellent and both replacements have been problem free for over a year now.

power0919994291d ago

4 people total that had to get thier Xbox360 replaced, after less than a year?

That's not good.

Was it the "ring of death", or another problem?

gazza4291d ago

Yeah T'was the ring of death

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