PS3 exclusive Redwood Falls on hold

PSU has learned that Redwood Falls – a PlayStation 3 exclusive zombie shooter from Kuju Entertainment – has officially been put on hold.

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thereapersson3805d ago

I wonder if this could be because it utilizes the Unreal Engine?

Either way I've never heard of this game before. It's a shame though, because the concept sounds interesting enough to warrant a look.

thor3805d ago

There are a lot of games that have been shown in trailer form a while ago, that we simply haven't had ANY info about since, and then they either get cancelled or just wither away without a word. I had heard of this game, it was even put on a couple of people's 2008/2009 game lists.

Doctor_Doom3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

What a Shame to see a wonderful ideas goes down just like 8 Days

Godmars2903805d ago

Isn't Coded Arms another Unreal Engine based game?

Amazing/sad that there are still launch window era games that are still out there.

ZackFair3805d ago

I've never heard of this title before, so no big loss.

mfwahwah3804d ago


That's the dumbest logic I've heard all week. Congratulations.

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Jpinter3805d ago

Yeah, most of you guys will have never heard of this title. It was one of those secret side projects that didn't make it. Kinda like Endless Saga, City of Metronome, Eyedentify, Coded Arms, and others.

thereapersson3805d ago

That sucks about Coded Arms: Assault...

I wanted to see it on the PS3 after playing it on my PSP. :(

Jpinter3805d ago

Yeah, it's kinda dumb they canceled it. There are a lot of projects that have been canceled that I would have loved to see on the PS3. oh well...

thereapersson3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I remember thinking that it was the best-looking version of all, and thought that the developers could really make the virtual world more believable in High Definition. I guess it's all memories dedicated to what could have been...



here's another trailer:

solidt123805d ago

I really like the concept of coded arms. I was going to buy that on the PS3, too bad. It was all Matrixy

proArchy3804d ago

City of Metronome makes me sad. I emailed Tarsier a while back to ask if it was still active and I got back a reply that was so vague that it could have meant anything. Mostly they just stated that they had a PSN title that was taking the majority of their attention, which ended up being Rag Doll Kung-Fu. Hopefully when that ships they'll refocus on Metronome.
This Redwood Falls game, like many others, was out of my radar range apparently. The destructible characters looks cools though. Let's hope that tech lives on in other games.

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TIKUP3805d ago

yeah that ruled and i cant belive the getaway has been cancelled aswell!! :(

hay3805d ago

Oh noes, is it the fall of PS3?! /sarcasm

But seriously, looks really... gorey... I am intrigued. But honestly, shooting off parts of skin and organs isn't simple task to achieve, maybe they were trying to do more than they could handle. It sucks. Could've been some gaming evolution.

Chrissy3805d ago

Another canceled ps3 games. Perfect way to end the YEAR OF THE PS3!!!! Flawless sony, just flawless. Kudos

DNAgent3805d ago

It was put on hold, not canceled. My guess is because the Unreal Engine 3 is garbage and they decided to make their own engine so that they can try to make it look as good as Killzone 2 rather than making it look as bland as Gears of Brown 2.

OmarJA3805d ago


let me ask u a question, why M$ are shutting down Ensemble Studios ? aren't they making great games ? aren't they a 1st party developers ?

ultimolu3805d ago

Read the article dumbass.
It's on hold, not canceled.

I don't see why would you care in the first place, since you've made it your unholy mission to insult the PS3 and Sony at every turn.

twoface3805d ago

Yeah Chrissy mama go! Another little victory against the ps3 in your scrapbook

snoopgg3804d ago

microsofts ass! We don't need games with the unreal engine, when we have Killzone 2 on the way!!!

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