Rumor: Achievements to be patched into original Xbox titles

A source from inside Microsoft has given us a juicy piece of information, starting Spring 2009 Microsoft are to begin patching achievements into original Xbox titles, starting with Halo: Combat Evolved and Fable and aiming to update the entire back catalogue by Winter 2009. We were told by our source that...

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TrevorPhillips5681d ago

yes that means im going to buy splinter cell chaos theory, halo 1 and fable :)

darkequitus5681d ago

theory is a top title. best in series. but I still have 50+ Xbox DVD's. So no achievements for them? Shame


Sjoeter5681d ago (Edited 5681d ago )

YEAH! i got a sh*t load of xbox games (most of them dont work :( ) but that's great news! I want to play GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas again with achivement! sure hope that they work on getting more titles working on the x360

Dark_Vendetta5681d ago

Microsoft pls bring Conker to the library!!

reaferfore205681d ago

Too bad they don't sell Xbox games anywhere besides pawn shops.

Mr_Bun5681d ago

You will be able to d/l most of them via XBL...at least that is what they are claiming in the article

ThichQuangDuck5681d ago

I dont know why they wont work party mode private chat and guide to be accessible in backwards compatible. I also need to get better at Chaos Theory and would play it again since it is the best in the series.

CViper5681d ago

Good news, but.. anyone else notice there has been 0 360 gaming news since uh... 4 months ago?

St05681d ago


You might aswell buy Halo 1 this week, it's only 600MS points for this week only

hitthegspot5681d ago

"We were told by our source that this is to get gamers interested in original Xbox titles, and if successful they plan to make more titles available for download and backwards compatible" it appears as though the original games that we own will also have achievements added at some point next year.

LeonSKennedy4Life5680d ago (Edited 5680d ago )

I'm glad they're doing this.

This is a good step by Microsoft. I hope Sony follows.

Actually, I just hope we get a DMC4 trophy update. I know we won't, but I'm starting a petition.

EDIT: Holy crap! How did I get comment number 0.1? Glitch maybe?


darkequitus5680d ago

get life you waste of space

Halo 3:ODST one example of gaming news is last 4 months. you fail!


N4Flamers5680d ago

it just wouldnt be a 360 article without cviper trolling it. Hey cviper if you love the ps3 so much why dont get out of my sf4 collector edition and jump on the ps3 one.

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Eiffel5681d ago

Well I guess I'll have fun getting achievements in San Andreas

creeping judas5681d ago

I'm with you on that one!!!
I have the OG xbox disk, I played it for a bit before GTA4 came out, but the lack of achies kinda of turned me off.

N4360G5681d ago

That would be pretty sweet since achievements/trophies add replay value to a game.

Nicolator5681d ago

that is great i would so buy loads of xbox games and have a tril playing them again spinter cell.. and black.. oohhh how sweet

gamfreak5681d ago (Edited 5681d ago )

What's the point....?

Edit: @Eiffel, replay value? Sorry bout that, didn't wanna know much about 3fixme games or crapbox of last-gen. It S*CKS anyway.

DNAgent5681d ago

It will give the xbots something to play for 2009 cause you know they won't get any good new games in 2009. Microsoft are trying to make them live off of overpriced expansions, multi-platform games, & last gen games. If they didn't do this then the xbots would have nothing to do when their 360 gets back from repairs again.

Eiffel5681d ago

....replay value.

You don't know much about the game industry do you?

NewZealander5681d ago

what are you like 12? grow up you one sided fanboy peice of sh1t.

GiantEnemyLobster5681d ago

It'll give me another reason to replay San Andreas that I downloaded for the 4th time now :D

FRoSTiViAN5681d ago (Edited 5681d ago )

This is a very good idea and actually if you play a game without achievements you feel like there is no reward for your accomplishments. F-ck, playing through call of duty 2, 3, n 4 is no easy task. but thats the only way you can get the achievements on the game. this helps with replay value of a game. some achievements you got to go back through and get on easy or just to hard to get all in one trip. good idea, it will raise sales through the roof and make the dead black xbox come back alive with sales.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5681d ago

It will just be somthing else Sony copies.

ambientFLIER5680d ago

Wow, you guys are GREAT at spinning even the most positive 360 news. Bravo!

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